Donation Methods

 Email me at to find out the methods of how to donate (this differs if you are inside or outside the UK). Confirm your postal address, plus the the total you want to donate and the title(s) of the disk(s) you require.

  I no longer have a PayPal account, so now use Google Pay, but you can use Paypal. Read on....

  To send money from PayPal to Google Pay, download the Google Pay app on your Android phone (don't know if the iPhone also works this way) and install and link it to your Paypal account - see how below.

1. Tap the Cards tab (bottom right) to open.
2. Tap the plus sign (bottom right) to add payment method.
3. Select Add other payment methods.
4. Select PayPal from the list of options.
5. Enter your PayPal login details.
6. Tap Next and enter your PIN.
7. On the next screen, set your default top up amount.
9. Agree to the terms to finish.

You can now send from Paypal to Google Pay.
My Google Pay ID = 4559-5317-0393

 You can send cash if you're in the UK - each DVD is 5 (five quid).
 Email me and inform me which DVD's you want and I'll send you a postal address or PO Box number for you to send payment (bank notes) to.


Delivery times will vary depending how you pay and geographically were you are, but usuall between 1 - 2 weeks.
Postage is included in the prices listed for standard Royal Mail delivery.
If you require Special Delivery (Signed for / Tracking), please tell me before you place your order and I will inform you of the extra shipping cost - this will differ depending what country you live in and the number of disks.


Disks supplied by DVD247 are Region Free  [new window] so will play in any country on the correct equipment - TV, Desktop PC, Mac or Laptop. Please ensure your equipment is compatible before ordering (PAL / NSTC).  Terms & Conditions apply.

If your dvd player uses the NSTC format please inform me of this when ordering otherwise you may receive PAL formatted disks by default which may not play in your TV / DVD Player, although they will play on your computer.