Welcome to DVD247

Welcome to DV247 - Trading & Accepting dontions since 2005.
This is a trading site for (mainly) UK TV, including comedy , drama , history, art , animation , documentaries , films, music, & Stand Up Comedy.

DVDs are sent worldwide in 2 video formats - either PAL (Europe) or NSTC (US / Asia)...
See regional information if you don't know if you need PAL or NSTC.
By default I will provide PAL (unless you tell me otherwise) which can be played on a computer regardless of your location.

If you don't want to trade, a small donation is required - see each DVD listing for the donation amount. See the menu to the right of each listing for full details.

So, What's Here Really?
Shows listed at this site are usually 1st or 2nd generation recordings (VHS/DVD/downloads) from the last 35 years - 90% are graded at least Good. Anything which falls outside this range is usually indicated in the listings and here because of it's rarity (Red Drwarf USA pilots, and the 1983 'For Computer Buffs' being examples) - please check before you make a selection.

Media - DVD-R
Recordings are 120 minutes (2 hour), by default, but I can squeeze an extra 30+ minutes on should this be required, but this can affect the picture quality - your choice.

All disks are sent in padded packaging (Jiffy bags or stiff card envelopes) with a data sheet which includes the item Title, Actors, Year of released, Length of show(s), Series number, Number of disks, plus the Format (PAL or NSTC) etc. I don't supply artwork, although the data sheet often includes a related image. DVD's are provided in a plastic flexi-wallet, not rigid cases as they are easily damaged in transit and add to overall package weight.

          What people say...

At last. I've been searching for Hunting Venus with Martin Clunes & Neil Morrisey for years. Thanks You so much.  

Thanks so much. I've been lookin' for Stressed Eric everywhere!!! Great trader. I liked the printed cover and plastic wallet too. Will be back for more soon.  

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