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They are either comedy mp3 files from original vinyl, audio cassette or CD or short videos.

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Paddy Considine
Rio / Riot (dogs)
Miranda Pleasance
Simon Greenall

Richard Hawley

My Wrongs
8245-8249 and 117

  My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117

A satire of British news programmes. It parodies the 'hard-hitting' Gulf War-era style of journalism, as well as mocking sports journalism, weather reports, American news programmes, business reports, soap operas, 'vox pops', and many other targets.

Adapted from a monologue in his "Blue Jam" radio series, Chris Morris' first short film is a haunting black comedy about a man who no longer uses his name because he's decided he's ceased to deserve one, and a dog called Rothko who says he is the man's lawyer.

As reality bleeds into hallucination, Rothko decides to take the man for a walk...

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2002 12 free

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Peter Cook
George Weiss

Rainbow Tapes

  Rainbow Tapes

Following Cook's death, some recordings were issued of him chatting with his Hampstead neighbour and fellow Clive Bull regular, the London eccentric Rainbow George Weiss, mostly about George's political plans for Peter within his Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket party, which Cook tolerated with amused disdain. According to Cook's biographer Harry Thompson, Weiss tried repeatedly to persuade Cook to stand for parliament, but Cook always refused. In the last few years of his life, Cook had a lower public profile but always maintained a robust social life. He was far more concerned with simply enjoying his life than in pursuing traditional career goals. He once famously said, "I ran out of ambition at the age of 27..."

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26.52 free

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Dom Joly
Danny Wallace

  Dom And Danny Do Christmas

Broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live

Christmas Day Thursday 25 December 2008 13:00-14:00

Comedians Dom Joly and Danny Wallace examine the good, bad and weird traditions of the festive period and try to come up with the perfect Christmas Day.

Christmas – a time for carols, mince pies and family arguments. Do we have turkey or goose? Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Which is better, a real or a plastic tree? How long does it take Father Christmas to deliver all his presents and is there anyone in the UK actually called Ebenezer?

Dom, Danny and guests attempt to answer all of these festive conundrums, as well as revealing their favourite Christmas films, exploring different festive traditions from around the world and attempting to track down frankincense in London.

Presenters/Dom Joly and Danny Wallace, Producer/Rosie Seed

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2008 50 free

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Comic Releif :
Utterly Utterly Live

Lenny Henry
Billy Connolly
Kate Bush
Frank Bruno
Cliff Richard
The Young Ones
Raw Sex
Howard Goodall
Ben Elton
Howard Jones
Stephen Fry
Bob Geldof
Midge Ure
Rowan Atkinson
Dawn Frnch
Jennifer Saunders
Angus Deayton
Michael Palin


  Comic Releif - Utterly Utterly Live

  Recorded live at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London.
  4th, 5th, 6th April 1986.

1 - Spitting Image's Royal Address : C.Barrie and L.Gold
2 - Big Love : L.Henry (Theophilus P.Wildebeeste).
3 - A Dangerous Place : Billy Connolly [click to download]
4 - Breathing : Kate Bush
5 - Romeo and Juliet and Harry : F.Bruno / L.Henry
6 - The Young Ones / Living Doll : Cliff & The Young Ones
7 - A Bit Of A Downer : Nigel Planer
8 - The Train Set : Ben Elton
9 - Life In One Day : Howard Jones
10 - Merchant Banker: S.Fry, B.Geldof and M.Ure
11 - Do Bears... :Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush
12 - Friendly Advice : Dawn French / Jennifer Saunders
13 - Fatal Beatings : Rowan Atkinson / Angus Deayton
14 - Feed The World :Bob Geldof and Midge Ure
15 - Biggles Goes To See Bruce Springsteen : M.Palin

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1986   free

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Alexei Sayle

  Kak :Live Stand Up

 Side 1 (original vinyl)
    Happy Days Part 1
    Dr. Marten's Boots
    Stoke Newington Calling
    The Ballad of Chris and Judith
    Some Stuff
    How Are You?

 Side 2 (original vinyl)
    Some More Stuff
    The Wine Bars of Old Hampstead Town
    Happy Days Part 2
    Song for Len
    Commercial Break
    Radical Posture
    Long Distance Information
    Das Kap Rap
    Say Hello Mr. Sweary
    'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?

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1982 60 free

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La Jetée

Hélène Chatelain
Davos Hanich
Jacques Ledoux
Ligia Branice
Janine Kleina
William Klein

  La Jetée : 29 minutes

The survivors of a destroyed, post-apocalyptic Paris in the aftermath of World War III live underground in the Palais de Chaillot galleries.

They research time travel, hoping to send test subjects to different time periods "to call past and future to the rescue of the present".

They have difficulty finding subjects who can mentally withstand the shock of time travel, but eventually settle upon a male prisoner whose vague but obsessive childhood memory of witnessing a woman (Hélène Chatelain) during a violent incident on the boarding platform ("The Jetty") at Orly Airport is the key to his journey back in time.

Recognise the story? Terry Gilliam remade this story as 12 Monkey's.

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1962 29 free

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