What I'm Looking For

This page conatins things I'm looking for on behalf of other people - there are many, other items highlighted on the individual category pages listed here. Take a look.

Use the Contact form if you have something listed below (or elsewhere). Thanks.

Wanted :

      Japanorama [ J.Ross]
      Crapston Villas [series 2]
      Murder City [Kris Marshall / Amanda Donohoe] Got it
      Absolute Power [S.Fry] Got it Dec 2008 - Thanks Chris B.
      Hotel Babylon [Dexter Fletcher]. Got it.
      Paradise Heights [Neil Morrisey] Got Jan 2009 - Thanks Anthony.
      Eustace Brothers [Ralf Little] Got Jan 2009 - Thanks Anthony.
      Making Out [Margi Clarke]
      Shipman [James Bolam]
      My Uncle Silas (Series 2) [Albert Finney]
      House of Rock (series 2) [animation]
      Pond Life (series 1 & 2) [animation] Got it. Thanks Tara
      Shaun The Sheep [animation]
      Ab Fab (series 4)
      Johnathon Meades (anything I don't have)
      Alexei Sayle Itch / Merry Go Round / Gravy Train
      Comic Strip Got ALL - June 2009 - Thanks Mike H..
      Randell & Hopkirk - 2001 remake, (series 2). Got it. Thanks Claudia.
      Coronation St - Viva Las Vegas (special)
      Coronation St - The Rover Returns ( 6 x 30 special)