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Trigger Happy TV
Dom Joly
Brett Allen
Sam Cadman
Lindsey Ellis
Evan Scott-Golden
Series 1 [7 episodes] 2000 120
Trigger Happy TV
Dom Joly Series 2 [7 episodes] 2000 -
Being Dom Joly
Dom Joly
Jake Broder
Ronnie Corbett
Hugh Cornwell
Series 3 [7 episodes] 2001 -
This Is Dom Joly
Dom Joly
Ivana Basic
Stefan Ashton Frank
Lobo Chan
Chat Show
[1 episodes - others WANTED]
David Dickinson
Ian Brown [2 songs]
2003 30
World Shut Your Mouth
Dom Joly Series 1 [6 episodes]

If you enjoyed Trigger Happy TV, then you will probably like this. The sketches are longer and the characters more rounded, but typical Dom Joly material but not just a rehash of Trigger Happy TV.

2005 30x6
Excellent Adventure
Dom Joly
Peter Wilkins

The Excellent Adventure series is an occassion series that see's celebrities travel to various place around the world. Dom & Pete travelled to Lebanon (where Dom was born and lived until he was 18), and then on through Syria.

2005 45


Happy Hour
Dom Joly
Pete the 'Tiger'
Dom and his mate Pete (aka "Tiger") travel the world analysing the social attitude to alcohol and sampling a drink or ten. What a "job".

Each episode sees them in a different part of the world...Europe, Australia, Russia, Mexico etc.

2006 6x50
The Complainers
Dom Joly
Richard Smith
Typical Dom Joly stuff rubbing people up the wrong way to get a reaction; although this is more serious compared to the sillyness of other programmes of his as The Complainers tackles issues of the day - those which irriate us all. He turns the tables on Traffic Wardens, CCTV operators, Cold-calling Telemarketers, Local Councils, etc. al;l with vaying degrees of success. 2008 6x50
Made In Britain
Dom Joly

One man… stripped of everything he owns and challenged to just buy British…

Join award-winning television comedian Dom Joly on an epic road trip around Britain in an attempt to fill his house from top to bottom with British-made products in the brand new series Made In Britain.

As part of this unique experiment, Dom will have his family home turned upside down and stripped of everything he owns that’s not made in the UK. He’s then challenged to go on a remarkable shopping trip, travelling the length and breadth of the country to try and replace all his foreign goods with British-made products.

2009 5x30
Celebrity Mastermind
Dom Joly

Dom on Mastermind 2009 (just his slot).

His specialist subject was The Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

2010 6 mins
Tin Tin
Dom Joly

Dom traces his chrildhood cartoon chatacter Tintin thorugh the world.

2010 25


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