Donation Methods

   Unsure what to do ?
  Email me at with any queries or to inform me you have donated and which method used (cash, cheque, bank transfer etc) and for which CD(s) or DVD(s).
Also include your postal address, or if buying for someone else, provide their address and I will mail direct to them.

I do not use Paypal.

  CASH : You can send Cash (UK banknotes ideally please - or equivalent in US dollars etc - no other currencies accepted unless I have personally agreed) , a UK Postal Order or a Personal UK Cheque - make either payable to "cash" (not DVD247), so I can cash over the counter - this speeds up the process of sending you, your DVD.
Email me for my POSTAL ADDRESS.

Or new for 2019, do a Bank Transfer - see below.

  BANK TRANSFER : As some people don't like sending cash through the post and don't use personal cheques these days, a bank transfer is easy, convenient, fast and free and you can do it online right now world-wide.
A bank transfer is when money is sent from one bank account to another.
Click here to read how to donate with a bank transfer either online, on your Smartphone or by visiting a branch of your bank.
You'll need your banks App for your Smartphone - you can also send payment from your Paypal account to my bank account - try it.

  OUTSIDE UK ? : If you're outside the UK, and unsure if you can use the bank transfer option, (international transfers may not be free either - check with your bank) you can send GB pounds sterling cash (buy GB banknotes at your bank), or send me an IMO - buy it at your Post Office.

  If you're outside the UK, and want to send your local currency (€ Euros, Yen, US $ etc.) please do a currency convertion so you send the correct equivalent amount. I use the website below. So for instance if you want to send me 10 US$ (using the link below), put 10 in the first box, select GB Pounds from the next drop down menu, and US$ in the next drop down menu.

As of today (1st March 2019) the convertion says 13.2121 US$, so please round this up to 15$ (notes only remember) I will have a conversion fee at my end into GB Pounds sterling.


Delivery times will vary depending how you pay and geographically
were you are, but usually between 1 - 2 weeks.
UK Postage is included in the prices listed for standard Royal Mail delivery.
If you require Special Delivery (Signed for / Online Tracking), please tell me before you place your order and I will inform you of the extra cost - this will differ depending whre you live and the number of disks (weight) you want.


Disks supplied by DVD247 are Region Free (new window) so will play in any country on the correct equipment - TV, Desktop PC, Mac or Laptop. Please ensure your equipment is compatible before ordering (PAL / NSTC).  Terms & Conditions apply.

If your dvd player uses the NSTC format please inform me of this when ordering otherwise you may receive PAL formatted disks by default which may not play in your TV / DVD Player (or play at the wrong speed, in black and white or with no sound), although they will play on your computer (as long as it's not ancient).