Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
        January 1st 2010

Physical Damage ?
DVDs are none-returnable unless a product is damaged or defective, in which case disks must be returned before a replacement copy will be dispatched. Damages or defects must be reported within 7 days from receipt. Postage on return of damaged or defective goods must be prepaid by sender.

DVD not playing on your TV ?
This is the most common complaint and is usually caused if you own an incompatible standalone DVD Player (the one connected to your TV).

Before returning a DVD please try the disk in your PC and use your usual DVD plaing software, or Windows Media Player or preferable VLC http://www.videolan.org (as it plays virtually anything) as these are what I verify with before mailing out.

Play using Windows Media Player
Place the disk in the computer DVD drive, and if the DVD doesn't automatically begin, select the DVD drive, open the VIDEO_TS folder and select the file named.VTS_001.VOB.

If the disk plays on the PC but not with your standalone DVD Player / TV set up the disk is not defective - please do not return.

When To Return
Only after an agreement by email bewteen seller (DVD247) and buyer (you) has been arrived at should you return your disks. Disks returned without an agreement are done so at your own risk.

Refunds 1
Replacement disks are sent if received disks are defective or damaged. The buyer must returned all disks in a prepaid package before replacements are issued. There is no fiscal refund policy but credit notes will be provided at my discretion if you decide not to have a replacement of original disk.

Refunds 2
If a donation is made, but an order cannot be completed through unforeseen circumstance, a credit will be given to the value of the outstanding donation. There is a no cash refund policy for donations.

Refunds 3
DVD247 is not responsible for none delivery by Royal Mail. If Royal Mail fail to undertake their specified role then you as recipient cannot make claims from DVD247.