I Want To Trade

Trading mainly UK TV comedy, film - old and new, plus music..


     Nothing to trade ?

Don't worry you can make a small donation and get anything.

How Do We Trade ?

First, send me your trade list in an email - send it to me as plain text (no attachements without prior agreement please). You may consider checking my current specific Wants list. Once I have your list, I will check for my wants and I will reply as soon as I can.

Please note that I only trade UK TV (comedy, drama, documentries, arts) - I DON'T want your list of hundreds of Hollywood films or US TV series.

By default I use quality 120 minute (2 hours) brand name disks (TDK, Sony, Verbatim etc), and when trading, I expect the same or similar quality (media-wise and picture quality) in return - please include this type of detail in your trade list - either with each item or as a general statement. If you send me unbranded disks or supermarket (ASDA / Walmart ect) quality brands this will be considered a non-trade and you will need to send the disks again on quality disks.

    When you contact me about a trade, you agree to send me your item(s) first.
    Please do not write on the disk surface - include an info sheet if possible.
    To check the real manufacturer of any disks you buy, download the free, DVD Identifier


          What people say...

Thanks so much. I've been lookin for Stressed Eric everywhere!!! Great trader. I liked the printed cover and plastic wallet too. Will be back for more soon.