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Maybe you've looked through the lists, or maybe don't have time, whatever the reason you may not have found what you want. What can you do?

Use the Contact form to request what you're looking for and usually you will be notified by email when/if I find your wants on my site via an affiliate.

Torrents :
This is a useful way for filling your requests but can be very time-consuming and not everyone has the knowledge it entails. Allow dvd247 to find, download and burn your favourite shows to DVD (usually at no extra cost, but if there is, you will be advised and will be required to agree to it beforehand - payment is made before disks are sent). Please use the contact form for requesting shows (primarily only UK shows) .

Recent Successful Requests :
      Tutti Frutti (1987)
      Hotel Babylon (2005)
      Game On (1995)
      Nearest & Dearest (1968)
      Murder Most Horrid (1991)
      The Flipside Of Dominick Hide (1980)
      Another Flip For Dominick (1982)
      Killer Net (1998)
      Captain Sarcastic (2000)
      Imagine : Gilbert & George (2007)

Still Searching For These Requests :
      Making Out (Margi Clarke)
      Shipman (James Bolam)
      More on my Wants page.