Listed below are a selection of people who have traded with DVD247 - some have agreed to be contacted about their experience with DVD247. Some prefer not to provide their email, but have agreed to include a 'Thank You' and want to provide feedback - thanks everyone.

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Date Name Email Comment
07-02-19 Brentwood Curshaw
[ USA ]
email unavailable

Hi Dave.
Hi Dave. Great website. Love it. You know there should be more fan sites like this then we can get old Brit TV shows [like The Wackers] without paying silly prices at eBay or Amazon. I'll be back!!!

10-12-18 Chris Heywood
[ UK ]
email unavailable

Hi Dave.
Just wanted to let you know that I've received them, and I'm really pleased with them. I'll definitely have a look at your website and order more.
Thanks again

29-03-18 Phil Dilbert
[ UK ]

I'd like to provide some feedback. I paid £5 via paypal 4 days ago and received the DVD I ordered right away. The response was quite excellent. Based on the experience and great levels of customer service, I'd highly recommend DVD247.

23-02-18 C.Holmes
[ UK ]

Excellent prompt service, I got the complete (This Morning with Richard and Judy ) from Stewart Lee / Richard Herring. I got it within the week. Great to see early Lee & Herring. It's commercially still unavailable as far as I know. Highly recommended, Thanks, Craig

19-08-17 J.King
[ UK ]

My DVD, Supersizers Go / Eats (Sue Perkins / GilesCoren). Dear Dave
Thank you sending all the dvds Supersizers Go... I have found it strange that the BBC have not released it on DVD as it was a very good series - funny and factual.

12-08-16 G.Pilkington
[ UK ]

The Man Who Lost His Head
(Martin Clunes).
Received the goods - my wife has already watched it and is very happy. Very impressed with the picture quality and service.

04-08-14 Sebastian P. Lopez
[ UK ]

Why Beauty Matters .
Fast, friendly deal. Got exactly what I wanted, at more than reasonable price. I'll no doubt trade again.

21-07-14 Jude Berghan
[ Australia ]

Paul Merton Series 1 & 2 .
Just to let you know, the Paul Merton disks arrived yesterday (super quick!). They work perfectly (even the one which, although the isn't great picture quality, is still watchable.) Thanks for the speedy service and and prices.
Hope to order from you again soon

21-07-14 Jane Godfrey
[ UK ]

Marting Clunes .
Hi There Dave,
Recieved my DVDs- Brilliant!! thank you for all your assistance and for the great discs. Thank you.

16-04-14 Lori Okazaki
[ Hawaii ]

My DVD, Sex & Chocolate (rare Dawn French film), arrived incident and sooner than expected. NO problems with shipping to Hawaii. Quick responses to ___ my enquiries. Have shared you site with friends. Will definatelly do business here again! Cheers Dave!

07-01-13 Jean Paul
[ Paris ]

It's great to see you now use Paypal on your site.

20-12-13 Clair G
[ UK ]

Reliable service - don't worry.

Good communication, exactly as stated and arrived quickly. What more can you ask!

17-11-13 Sue
[ London ]

  Brilliant service and good to replace my tired VHS tapes of ( Takeover TV   starring Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. Thanks so much.

27-10-13 Rhoda Campbell
[ Australia ]

  My DVD ( Sex and Chocolate   [Dawn French] ) got it in good order and recently. Happy with transaction.

27-09-15 Dan Cook

[ USA ]

  Thanks for the speedy service. Not watched all episodes of Spender yet - well there are 20 plus the film, but they look great. I will be in touch again with you again my friend.

20-08-15 Carol

 I saw this TV show when i was in _the uk - superb. Thanks for putting it in my collection.

20-04-15 Tracey M

 I've been looking for Hunting Venus (Martin Clunes / Jane Horrocks) for years and thought I'd never get to watch it again. The DVD arrived within days and in great condition. Thank you.

26-03-09 Julie M

  I was a worried about sending cash through the post, but used Recorded & Signed For at the Post Office as suggested and everything was OK (it only cost 72p). My disks ( Sorted and Spaced ) arrived in 3 days. Great service and quick helpful replies.

19-02-09 J.Webber

   Quick, easy to use and friendly communications. I will recommend to freinds and family! Have no fears everything is delivered as promise .

11-01-09 S.Walker Unavailable

   I had been trying to obtain Spender DVD's for ages but by luck I came upon this site. I to was a little weary of being ripped off but I could not have asked for a better service. DVD's were will packed and arrived quickly, without fuss. Dave runs a totally professional outfit.

13-01-09 Jayne

   I'd looked everywhere for Stressed Eric DVDs and at last found them here. What a great trader, I will be using it again the next time I'm looking for something difficult to find. Excellent communication, high quality discs and really quick delivery. What more do you need! Thanks.

10-01-09 R.Breaky

 Been searching for Coast To Coast for years finally found it! Great copy and excellent service, thank you very much Dave.

09-01-09 Matt J

  Ordered a copy of Coast To Coast (Lenny Henry / ? Shea) having been searching this ages and a few days later it dropped through my letterbox.

Outstanding service and the film is as good as I remember it. Cheers Dave.

18-12-08 Carol C. Not available

 It was a mixture of excitement and trepidation I ordered a set of Spender DVDs from Dave at DVD247 excitement because I thought I would never be able to see this series again as it's not been released on DVD. Trepidation I would be ripped off. ON THE CONTRARY! fast, efficient and generally wonderful personal service. What else could a girl ask for ???

27-11-08 J.Graham


 Really impressed by the high quality format of index, and also of service and friendly personnal e-mail contact. A really good and reliable service - thanks very much.

28-08-08 Karen.F


 Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to let people know you have got ONLY backups of Stressed Eric that I know of and I searched for ages to find any supplier. Good communication from the seller and superfast delivery. Worked perfectly on the telly. Good luck with your future trades on an amazingly funny production. I will definately return to your site in future!

16-08-2008 Lesley.J


  Just wanted to say I was really pleased with quality of the the series of Stressed Eric , they arrived really quickly. DVD247 was very helpful and I would definately recommend to anyone looking for good backup copies of their VHS collection etc.

Will def buy again in the future.

12-08-2008 Harry

 Cheers for this use to watch Stressed Eric when I was a kid this is Rare. Do the right thing the get this here! 100% fast delivery ! ! !

05-08-2008 Pete13

  Discs arrived safely today. every well packaged and superfast delivery [2 days]. I have been waiting to see these these [ Stressed Eric ] again for years. I'll certainly be dealing with DVD247 again. Thank you very much.

09-07-2008 Caroline


   I just wanted to say again how pleased I am with the DVDs. You have enabled me to catch up on some great stuff from TV.

All your dvds are great quality and you are able to tell me interesting things about the shows too.

Stressed Eric [Animation]
Life On Mars [John Simms]
Ashes To Ashes [P.Glenister]
Johnathon Creek  [Alan Davis]
Bonekickers [Julie Graham]
Hotel Babylon

Absolute Power  [Stepehn Fry]
Kiss Me Kate  [Caroline Quentin]

11-07-2007 Psystor

   I loved the presentation and the printed out labels too Spender  (Jimmy Nail) - I wasn't expecting any of that, and I was really pleased. I'll probably be getting some more stuff off you sometime near, yes.....!

22-12-2007 Mick B

   An excellent trader who provided me with DVDs ( Stressed Eric) I've been looking for for years. Highly recommended.