Contact me if you have any queries about DVD formats, shipping, postage, payment or anything else you're unsure of.
Only use a Current email. The others are here for information, and in case you've been using an old one and wondering why you didn't get a reply. The Old emails are no longer used for one reason or another.

If you've made a payment using the Bank Transfer option then provide me with your details, i.e. which DVD(s), the amount, and your postal address.

    Begun    : 01.01.2005.
   Updated : 20.04.2019
Date Email Comment
2019 Current
2019 Used with Paypal - 2018/19
2010 - 2018 Became a 'paid' only service.
2007 - 2010 Changed ISP
2005 - 2007 Changed ISP