DVD Creation

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DVD Creation

Page Added : 4th July 2008.
Last Update : 20th April 2019

Do you want to back up your own DVDs? The software you need (listed below) is all free.

There are 3 steps to backing up a DVD, whether you bought in the shop/online etc. or was shot on a video camera (you may need video editing software which is not covered here).

  First remove the copy protection data.
  Second, you 'author' your files. Removing unwanted files / adding menus.
  Finally, you burn the files to a blank DVD.

The software below will perform each of the 3 steps mentioned. There are alternatives and software to perform other complex editing functions, but for now these are the basics.

  DVD Decrypyter  dvddecrypter.org.uk
       Removes copy protection. Sometimes referred to as DRM (Digital Rights Management).
       Usually located at track 1 of the disk, the software copies (rips) all but this information.

  DVDShrink   dvdshrink.org
       Reduces size of files - quality is affected if you go beyond 75% compression.
       Also useful if copying a duel layer disk (to 1 disk) which can be up to 9 Gb,
       whereas a regular blank DVD is 4.7 Gb.

  Imag Burn   http://imgburn.com
       Burn your files to a blank DVD.

       Email me if you need assistance.
       I'm not saying I'll walk you through the whole process, but if there's something
       you get stuck on, get in touch.
       Or visit their forums - each of the software above has one.