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Paul Merton - The Series    

  List below also includes other Paul Merton-related shows.

The full series of Paul Merton - The Series aren't available on DVD (or VHS) - only selected highlights.
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Paul Merton - The Series

Caroline Quentin

  Series 1 : 6 episodes - 30 minutes each.


    Would You Credit it
    Fried Eggs
    Half Dolphn
    Full House
    End Game

This show seems like a deliberate throwback to the madcap sketch shows of the '60's, such as 'At Last The 1948 Show' and 'Marty'. Merton takes a situation, such as a father telling his daughter she's adopted, turned it inside out (he tells her she isn't actually adopted), and by piling absurdity on absurdity, creates an explosion of inspired comic lunacy. The sketches were linked by surreal monologues such as 'there's a time tunnel at the back of my fridge'; delivered of course from a railway station tobacconist's. My copies of these 2 seiries are from TV and NOT commercial releases (which I don't think exist).

1991 6 x 30 click to donate



Paul Merton- The Series

Julie Sawhala

  Series 2 : 6 episodes - 30 minutes each.


    Hello There
    Only Me
    20 number 10
    Episode 4
    Goodbye Again

Notice how the guests on his show ( Caroline Quentin and Julia Sawhala ) both went on to be Alan Davis' sidekick in Jonathan Creek.

1993 6 x 30 click to donate



Paul Merton
London Palladium

  Live show at the London Palladium.


Paul Merton's comedy stage show which had a two week run at the London Palladium in March / April 1994.

Picture quality of this recording is not great - 5 / 10. Fans only.

1994 80 click to donate




Paul Merton
In China

  In China - Series 1


    1 Chengdu
    2 Henan Province
    3 Guangzhou
    4 Shanghai

Paul takes a six-week tour of China, exploring many areas and aspects of the country's culture.

2007 4 x 50 click to donate



Paul Merton
In India

  In India - Series 1

    1 Dehi, Rajasthan, Gujarat
    2 Punjab, Dehli, Rajasthan, Gujarat
    3 Shilong, Kolkata, Kerla
    4 Hyderbad, Banaglore, Chennai
    5 Chennai, Mumbai

Paul takes an 8 week tour of India, exploring many areas and aspects of the country's culture.

"India is such a vibrant and spiritual place, and somewhere I've always wanted to get to the heart of. As with China, we've got a number of interesting places on the itinerary in India, but once I get there, I hope to throw in a few surprises too."

2008 5 x 50 click to donate



Paul Merton
In Europe

  In Europe - Series 1

    1 Berlin
    2 Hamburg
    3 Ireland
    4 Italy
    5 Paris
    6 Spain

The celebrity travelogue takes many forms, from the wheedling nosiness of Alan Whicker to the eager scoutmaster approach of Michael Palin. Paul Merton’s preferred method is to tumble blindly into unfamiliar situations and then deadpan his way to safety. He’s at it again with a new six-part series for Five, Paul Merton in Europe, following on from his expeditions to China and India.


2009 6 x 45 click to donate



Paul Merton
Oxford Union Q and A.

As the titles says, this a Question and Answer session at Oxford University Student Union.

As it's only 50 minutes in length, you can add another show [of approx 70 mins] so you end up with 120 mins [2 hours] of material on a single DVD. It can be anything from this site, not just Mr Merton related.

07.11.2017 52 click to donate

Paul Merton also does the character voices in the animation series Rex The Runt and Crapston Villas