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Animation - Recomendations
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Gillian Elisa
Deiniol Morris
Deiniol Morris
Helen Nabarro

  Series 1 & 2 : 13 episodes
 Gogwana : Feature length special.

Meet the Gogs, a prehistoric family with a difference! Claymation. Winner of the 1996 BAFTA for Best Animation.

Grungy, in-your-face claymation comedy about a family of cavemen in prehistorical times, as they struggle to survive in a dangerous world, armed only with their wits - or half of them, anyway. The characters are seen involved in awkward, uncomfortable or plain stupid activities. Grandpa's solution to everything is to hit it on the head with his club; Mother has no idea how to look after her baby; and they all indulge in bodily functions in public. Watch them as they fight dinosaurs, discover fire and lose it again immediately, and, of course, hit each other on the head with clubs.


    Gillian Elisa







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Rex The Runt

  Series 1 & 2 : 23 episodes

A surreal claymation series about Rex, a flat purple dog, and his equally odd friends. Rex and co. realize that they are being watched on the telly, so they feel compelled to have adventures in order to amuse the audience.

Most of the times things are set awry by the deranged Vince.

    Paul Merton
    Authur Smith
    Antoine De Caunes
    Simon Day
    Phil Jupitus
    Morweena Banks
    Judith Chalmers
    Johnathon Ross






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Crapston Villas


  Series 1 : 5 episodes
  Series 2 : WANTED

Each of the flats in Crapston Villas is home to an unusual character, from a determined struggling actor and his vicious, puking cat Fatso, to the sex-craved neighbors with a kleptomaniac grandmother, to the pompous gay couple next door. An outrageous British comedy from the creators of "Spitting Image".
Features plasticine characters.

    Paul Merton
    John Thompson
    Alister McGowen
    Morweena Banks
    Alison Steadman






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