International Money Order

 Purchasing & Sending an IMO
The minimum amount if sending an IMO from outside the the UK is £20 and you will need to ask at your bank for your IMO to be drawn up in British Pounds Stirling (£).

An international money order is purchased at your bank (or Western Union office / Safeways supermarket etc) for a specific amount and is usually printed on yellow or pink paper; it is made of two portions - one is your receipt and the other sent to me in exchange for the DVDs you want.

The cash amount is printed by a machine on both portions of the IMO and the issuing bank also keeps a duplicate for their records. The most famous name world-wide connected to IMOs is probably Western Union, but there are many others.

If you want to send an IMO, please use the Contact Form to request the payee and postal address (UK) to mail it to, otherwise select another option from the menu.