Western Union

Western Union [WU]

WU using an Agent...
If you'd like to send money to me using Western Union, you need to my 'exact' details when you visit your WU agent, so email me and I'll provide them privately...

My Name : Email for all my details.
My Address : As above.
You'll need proof you are over 18 years old (required to send / receive money with WU).
Other proof of your ID maybe be required. Take driving license, utility bill, everything you have.

Using the WU website...
If you use www.WU.com, or the WU Smartphone mobile app, you need a bank account and credit/debit card, plus my details...
My full name : Email me.
My Address   : Email me.
You'll also need your ID in the form of an official document (driving license etc).

To transfer money direct from Your bank to My bank.
You need my name address etc, plus these details of mine...
My IBAN - Email me.
My BIC - Email me.

* IBAN = International Bank Account Number.
* BIC   = Bank Identifier Code.