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Marc Wootton Series 1

Recurring characters in the BBC Three show include 70-year-old widow Doris, posh rapper Rufus, conceptual artist/vapid social commentator Noodle, right and Paul, who believes he is turning into a vampire.

‘What links them all is that they are deluded,’ says Wootton. ‘They don’t drop their masks.’ Quickie sketches in which the characters pose in a photographer’s studio are designed to add to that feeling, he explains: ‘The photography thing – though its not overt – hints at that delusional state. We all smile for the camera, maintaining that delusion that we’re happy.’

2009 6x25
High Spirits with
Shirley Ghostman
Marc Wootton
Patrick Stewart
Series 1 - 8 Episodes

Marc Wootton is a genius, plain and simple. High Spirits has got to be one of the best executed dark comedies I've seen for a long time.

In a time when British comedy has become so ridiculously "wacky", we get a helping of High Spirits just in time.

This is right up there with A League of Gentlemen and The Office. From my understanding, this show was going to BBC1 until Marc appeared on Jonathan Ross.

2005 8x30
Marc Wootton
Barry Castagnola
Liam Woodman
John Peel (narrator)
Series 1 [7 episodes]
(including the pilot episode)

This reality(?) type show follows 3 raver/eco-warriors (Su, Beetle, Frogger) as they fight against the government, pet shops, petrol stations, fast food stores etc.

I think you have to be of a certain generation to get all the jokes etc., but its actually a lot cleverer than it may first seem! I remember one of the episodes (I actually timed it on watching it for the umpteenth time) had more jokes and sly comments in the first 10 minutes than many other comedy TV shows have in their whole series!

I really urge everyone to give this a go, there seems to be lots of people who have never heard of this (mind you the BBC didn't help with this as they tended to show it at 2.00 at night most of the time...) and who will really enjoy it! Smash up the government big style...

The Pilot Show
Marc Wooton
Sharon Horgan
Series 1

Minor or failed celebrities are tricked into thinking they are being offered a brand new television show to front, by comedy actors posing as television executives.

2003   WANTED
My New Best Friend
Marc Wootton Series 1

A contestant has the chance to win £10 000 if they can convince their friends that a grotesque character (all played by Wootton) is actually their best friend.

The character is so abhorrent the contestant risks losing their real friends, but if they let any of them in on the secret they lose the money.

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