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Son Of Cliché

Chris Barrie.
Nick Maloney.
Nick Wilton.
Son Of Cliché was a comedy sketch show that ran for two series on BBC Radio 4 between 23 August 1983 and 29 December 1984. This all 12 half hour progs on a single CD.

The sketches were written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and were performed by Chris Barrie, Nick Maloney and Nick Wilton.

The series was a follow-up to Grant and Naylor's 1981 series Cliché.

One of the recurring sketches from the second series of the show, "Dave Hollins: Space Cadet", formed the basis for what later became the BBC2 TV sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, which Grant and Naylor also scripted and Barrie starred in.

1983/4 12x30 UK - CD = £3...

Outside UK - CD = £5

Dark Ages
Phil Jupitus
Pauline McLynne
Sheridan Smith
Allister McGowan
In the 10th century AD, Gudrun (Phil Jupitus) attempts to eke out a quiet existence, whilst his socially aspiring wife Agnes (Pauline McLynn - Mrs Doyle/Father Ted) strives to improve their local standing.

Key to her plan is the arranging of a romance between their daughter, Matilda (Sheridan Smith - Two Pints), and Thane Redwald (Alistair McGowan), with an eye to marriage.

Red Dwarf' co-creator Rob Grant provides the script for this sitcom set on the cusp of a new Millennium - 999 A.D.!

Written by Rob Grant.

1999 5x30
Captain Butler
Craig Charles
Roger Griffiths
Sanjeev Baskar
Robert Llewellen
Series 1

Captain Butler is a British sitcom starring Craig Charles as Butler, the captain of a motley crew of pirates which included Roger Griffiths, Shaun Curry, Lewis Rae and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Created by John Smith and Rob Sprackling, the series ran for only six episodes on Channel 4 during 1997.

Its theme tune was the Sex Pistols version of "Friggin' In The Riggin'" (with minor variations by the actors within the series).

Think 'panto'.

1997 6x30
How Do They Do That ?
Robert Llewellen Series about explaining how things we take for granted are acheived. This episode section is about laying fibre optic cables across the Atlantic ocean - very science-net interest. 2007 15
Robert Llewellen Bobby Lew on Mastermind. Episode 7 2010/2011 5
Robert Llewellen
Tony Hawks
Film written by, starring etc etc...
Mr Llewellyn about how the net could become a controlling entity.

This DVD Includes a 'Making of..' and a previously unbroadcasted animated show created by and starring Robert Llewellyn

2006 43


Comedy Connections
Craig Charles
Robert Llewellen
Chris Barrie
Danny John Jules
Family Tree of Red Dwarf people. 2005 30
Eyes In The Sky
Robert Llewellen An Open University programme about CCTV with Robert as a member of the panel. 2000 30
MD 107
I Lovett
Norman Lovett

I, Lovett was perhaps the most keenly awaited of the pilots, created by Norman Lovett after departure from Red Dwarf. It is a charming and whimsical show for which the word ‘offbeat’ could have been invented, depicting Lovett as an eccentric inventor who lived with a talking dog and talking painting of a horse, and lived in constant fear of reprisals from the fly community over his treatment of their brethren.

The pilot show was an instant hit, though it wasn’t until 1993 that a series appeared, by now frustratingly tainted by uneccessary toilet humour but still a hugely enjoyable show.

I, Lovett is remembered with enormous fondness and its failure to appear on DVD is a mystery. Thank Smeg For DVD247. :-)

7 x 30

includes edit timer.

Red Dwarf - The Series List starts here...

Red Dwarf 1
Chris Barrie Series 1. (6 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1988.

1988 180 RD1
Red Dwarf 2
Craig Charles Series 2. (6 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1988.

1988 180 RD2
Red Dwarf 3
David Ross
Series 3. (6 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1989.

1989 180 RD3
Red Dwarf 4
Robert Llewellyn Series 4. (6 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1990.

1990 180 RD4
Red Dwarf 5
Norman Lovett Series 5. (6 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1990.

1991 180 RD5
Red Dwarf 6
Hatty Hayridge Series 6. (6 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1993.

1993 180 RD6
Red Dwarf 7
Clare Grogan (as original Kochanski) Series 7. (8 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1997.

1997 180 RD7
Red Dwarf 8
Chloe Annet Series 8. (8 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
BBC TV broadcast 1998.

1998 180 RD8
Red Dwarf 9
Usual crew plus a new Hologram. Series 9. (3 Episodes)

Recorded from the original
Dave TV broadcast 2009.

2009 90 RD9
Tongue Tied
Danny John Jules

This is not just the dream sequence from the show, but a specially shot 20 minute piece plus a making of section.

Was originally sold only through the official Smegazine (not fan club). Rare

1993 30
Dimention Jump
Various cast members & lots of fans. UK Red Dwarf Convention 1997 1997 165 RDDJ97
Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg
Cast & Ainsley Harriet. Based on a UK TV cookery show.. 1998 25 RD10
Universe Challenge
The posse & Bamber Gascoigne Parody of University Challenge
the UK TV quiz show with the cast playing against fans.
1998 25 RD10
A to Z
Various A to Z of Red Dwarfness. 1998 25 RD10
Red Dwarf USA
Robert Llewellyn
Hinton Battle
Craig Bierko
Chris Eigeman
USA Pilot x 2
These are low generation copies - fans only!
1992 2 x 20 RD10
Smeg Ups
Various Includes different ending to series 6. 1994 50
Smeg Ups
Various These aren't on the VHS release which includes Semg Ups from series 7 only. 1994 50
Smeg Outs
Various TV Outtakes (Series 1, 2 and 3) 1995 50 RD10
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