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Interview Woody Allen

Unbroadcast interview made by Granada TV *UK) in 1971 promoting his then current film (Bananas). He also talks about his film 'Take The Money & Run' (1969)

1971 38 100909
Manhatten Woody Allen

Set to a soundtrack full of George Gershwin tunes, Manhattan tells the story of a small group of people living in New York, and making messes of their lives.

The central character, Ike Davis, is once again played by Allen, a welcome treat for Allen fans who missed his presence in Interiors. Ike is a frustrated television writer who quits his job in frustration and sets out to write a novel.

1979 96 WA33
The Front Woody Allen Film 1976 95 WA32
Hannah & Her Sisters Woody Allen
Mia Farrow
Dianne Wiest
Max von Sydow

The plot of Hannah and Her Sisters reads deceptively simple. At its heart it is the story of three sisters, their relationships with each other and with the world around them, over the course of a single year.

The only other major character is Mickey, played by Allen himself in typical neurotic glory. Mickey is a self-confessed hypochondriac, and fears death on a daily basis.

The Mickey character is basically an outsider throughout the story, the only real connection to the "main" story being that he was once married to Hannah (Farrow). However, some of the funniest scenes in the entire film come from Mickey, as we watch him struggle with his neurosis and try desperately to find meaning - and a religion to be a part of - before his life his over.

1986 103 WA32
Broadway Danny Rose Woody Allen Film 1984 84 WA40
Radio Days Martin Rosenblatt
Helen Miller
Film 1987 85 WA40
All You Ever Wanted To Know
About Sex
Woody Allen Film 1972 87 WA8
Mighty Aphrodite Woody Allen Film 1995 95 WA8
Sleeper Woody Allen Film 1973 89 WA34
Zelig Woody Allen
Adolf Hitler
Film 1983 79 WA34
Bullets Over Broadway Woody Allen Film 1994 98 WABOB
Scene By Scene Woody Allen Documentary 2000 50 WASBS
Mr Manhatten Woody Allen Documentary ? ? WA30
Parkinson Woody Allen UK TV Chat Show 1999 - WA32
Antz Woody Allen
Sharon Stone
Woody is the voice of the ant named 'Z' 1998 80
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