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Welcome to DV247 - Trading & Accepting dontions since 2005.
This is trading / donation site for UK TV, comedy , drama , history & documentaries.
Disks are sent worldwide in PAL (Europe / OZ.) or NSTC (US / Japan)[ other regions ].

If you don't want to trade, a small donation is required - see each DVD listing for the donation amount.Postage is included.

So, What's Here Really?
Shows listed at this site are usually 1st or 2nd generation recordings (VHS / DVD, or Digital TV) and TV broadcasts from the last 30 years - they are graded Good or Very Good. Anything which falls outside this range is usually indicated in the listings - please check before you make a selection.

Media / Format
Recordings are 120 minutes (2 hour) brand names disks - usually Verbatim, TDK, Sony, Verbetim etc. The disks are region free and playable in any DVD player - TV or PC.

All disks are sent in a plastic wallet with a data sheet which includes the item Title, the Actors, the Year released, Length of show(s), Number of disks (and series) and the Format (PAL or NSTC). I don't supply artwork - DVs are provided in clear plastic wallets.

          What people say...

At last. I've been searching for Hunting Venus with Martin Clunes & Neil Morrisey for years. Thanks You so much.  

Thanks so much. I've been lookin' for Stressed Eric everywhere!!! Great trader. I liked the printed cover and plastic wallet too. Will be back for more soon.  

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