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Sex, Secrets & Frankie
Frankie Howerd Documentary charting Frankie's career from musichall to TV using archive clips and interviews with friends, peers and celebrities. 2004 45 click to donate
Heroes of Comedy
Frankie Howerd Documentary looking at the career of charting Frankie. 1995 50 click to donate
Frankie Howerd Documentary charting Frankie's career from musichall to TV using archive clips and interviews withRay Galton, Alan Simpson, Eric Sykes and Beryl Vertue. 2002 53 click to donate
Further Up Pompeii
Frankie Howerd
Elizabther Anson
John Bardon
Roy Evans
Roy Evans
This was the pilot for the follow up to Up Pompeii, but as Frankie died the year after this was made so this is all their is. 1991 40 click to donate
Then Churchill Said To Me
Frankie Howerd
Similar in style to Up Pompeii, this WWII romp stars Howerd as a blundering private trying to stay out of trouble with fearsome corporals and sergeants. 1982 6 x 25 click to donate
Whoops Baghdad!
Frankie Howerd
Derek Francis
Hilary Pritchard
This short-live series was a follow-up to Howerd's earlier TV show "Up Pompeii", with the location transplanted from Ancient Rome to Medieval Baghdad. As with "Pompeii", the set-up was little more than a backdrop for an endless series of Howerds' trademark double entendres and risqué gags, and he starts each episode with a prologue "to camera" that almost always never gets finished and has nothing at all to do with the main plot. 1973 6 x 30
Up The Front
Frankie Howerd
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Stanley Holloway
Lance Percival
Poor old Frankie Howerd has joined the army for World War I while under hypnosis. Now he's up in arms and up to his neck in the trenches with a German Master Invasion Plan tattooed on his backside. 1972 124 click to donate
Up Pompeii (SERIES)
Frankie Howerd Classic 1960's SERIES. 8 Episodes (of 12).

WANTED. In 2007 BBC Four showed all 12 episodes plus the pilot. I recorded 8 of them and want the others. My problem is that I don't know exactly which I've got as they were un-named. If you know of a list of each episode with summaries then please let me know. Thanks.

1969 240 click to donate

  2 disks

Up Pompeii (FILM)
Frankie Howerd
Michael Hordern
Barbara Murray
Lance Percival
Bill Fraser
Adrienne Posta
Julie Ege
Bernard Bresslaw
Derek Griffiths
Roy Hudd
Madeline Smith.
TV show spin-off FILM

A funny thing happens to Roman slave Lurcio (Frankie Howerd) on the way to the rent-a-vestal-virgin market stall: he inadvertently becomes the possessor of a scroll listing the names of the conspirators plotting to murder Emporer Nero (Patrick Cargill). Serving the guests at his master's orgies suddenly seems easy compared to the trouble the scroll brings: the upstart slave is elected to act as a spy and infiltrate the ring-leader's circle! Much comical uproar ensues, but all are in for a nasty shock when Mount Vesuvius decides to erupt!

1969 95 click to donate
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