Jam & Jerusalem

Jam & Jerusalem

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Jam & Jerusalem

Sue Johnson
Pauline McLynne
Dawn French
Jennefer Saunders
David Mitchell
Joanna Lumley
Sally Phillips


Jam & Jerusalem is also known as Clatterford, especially outside the UK, as it is thought non-UK resident wouldn't understand the 'Jam & Jerusalem' reference - If you're one of them, it is a phrase associated with the Womem's Institute, which Clatterford's Women's Guild is meant to represent.

So, What's it about? Jam & Jerusalem is set in a small farming community in the North of England and follows the lives of a group of local women as they go about their daily lives, including their involvement with their local women's group. This may sound mundane, but I feel it has the qualities in the same way a soap opera is interesting once you're involved in the characters lives.

The series begins with the death of the local doctor and how this affects the village and how it is restructured, with the doctor's wife remaining in an unofficial nurses role, and the doctor's newly qualified son taking over the practice with his squeamish wife as nurse.

Special mention must go to Dawn French who's character Rosie is a joy to watch, as is her alter-ego (schizophrenic other half), Margaret. Rosie is a simple girl who works in the local cheese packing factory and liberates large lumps of cheese to present to others as gifts.

Although as well as being wrtten by Jennifer Saunders, she also has a small role in it playing the local landowners wife tasked with dinner parties and the likes and saying the most inappropriate things without knowing their true meaning.

Joanna Lumley is only ever seem cycling around the village wearing oversized false teeth and dressed in rags - the local 'bag lady' I suppose.

Sue Johnson and Pauline McLynne are the 2 main characters which the show revolves around. Sue playing the ex-doctors wife, and Pauline, the local farmers wife. If they're not in the pub, they are planning to meet there later, or having a glass of wine at home etc.

There are 3 series from 2006-2008, each with 6 x 30 minute episodes plus a Christmas Pantomine episode which I haven't seen or got a copy of.

Written by and starring - Jennefer Saunders
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