The Liver Birds

The Liver Birds

1970s British Comedy
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The Liver Birds
Nerys Hughes
Polly James
Molly Sugden
Paula Wilcox
Sheila Fay
Michael Angelis
Elizabeth Estensen


The lives and loves of Beryl Hennessey and Sandra Hutchinson, two young, single women sharing a flat in Liverpool.

In the "Comedy Playhouse" pilot and subsequent three-episode opening series, the housemates were Beryl and Dawn. Polly James and Pauline Collins actually switched rôles during the pilot's rehearsals, Comedy Head Michael Mills having assigned them the other way round.

The Liver Birds live at the second-floor Flat 4 of 37 Huskisson Street, in the Prince's Park district (a genuine address located in Liverpool 8, now known as Toxteth) for the first seasons. In the third season's opener they moved to the more upmarket ground floor Flat 1, 17 Beech View in Allerton.

The original series ended in 1979. However a further series was made in 1996, featuring the earlier Liver Bird characters Sandra and Beryl.

Two actors from the Sandra and Carol (replacing Polly James' character - Beryl) episodes (Series 5-9) appeared as different characters in the 1996 episodes (Series 10). Carmel McSharry and Michael Angelis, who had played Carol's mother and brother respectively, were transformed into Beryl's mother and brother in Series 10.

Written by the prolific Carla Layne.

My copies were recorded from British digital TV.

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Pilot - 14.04.1969. 1 x 30 minutes. Never released, beleive wiped.

Series 1 - 1969. 4 x 30 minutes-potent/interesting, photog,aristocracy,torromelenos/southport. Never released, beleive wiped.

Series 2 - 1971. 12 x 30 minutes-new flat,good samaritans,holiday fund,look b4,wedding,3 crowd,propsal,man downstairs,dog,grandad, mothers day,promo. Release on DVD 2003.

Series 3 - 1972. 13 x 30 minutes-1 cowd,birds n dole,good girls,on strike,falla aday, birds n bots,christening,horseback, st valentines,birds club,d test, lpool or everton, parrot. Release on DVD 2003.

Series 4 - 1974. 13 x 30 minutes-thingy, friends sight,sugar, wheres b,girl sat, pack up,have hen,love is,freedom, follow ring, bride went, sleep dogs, then 1

Series 5 - 1975. 7 x 30 minutes- look child, gotta laff,love is stupid,dinner 4 3,lily dandy,every1 beautiful,in every st,xmas special

Series 6 - 1976. 56 x 30 minutes-facing up,maypole,honey,never ending,badgers

Series 7 - 1977. 9 x 30 minutes-friends-lovers,dream alot, mark world,love em, shame of it, cry,nearly hat,, xmas special

Series 8 - 1977. 7 x 30 minutes-something begin, flower,no idea,god bless,they decide, the edge,struggle,xmas special/open yer eyes+hasn't gone[2 eps?]

Series 9 - 1978/9. 6 x 30 minutes-no place, 6th day, various kinds, weeds, somewhere to live,best things

Series 7 - 1996. 7 x 30 minutes-hello again,mrs boswell calls, spare tree, on t'town,i hospital, hospital out,moving out.

Total episodes - 104

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