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Combat Sheep
by Tim Smith
Steve Coogan
Ronnie Ancon
Mark Williams
Kevin Eldon

Combat Sheep defies categoriation for me. I don't rememeber where I got it from (TV, download, trade etc). This is a surreal mix of live action, animation and pupperty. Basically the storyline is about what would happen if sheep were/became intelligent and rebelled against humans. Conflict ensues.

Year ? 30


Laughter In The House;
The Story of the
British Sitcom
Julie Walters

Part one went from the start of the sitcom to the end of the sixties and discussed classic sitcoms of that time such as "Hancock's Half Hour", "Steptoe and Son" "Till Death us do Part" and my all time favourite "Dads Army".

Part 2 looked at the seventies and spoke about "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads", "Rising Damp", "Fawlty Towers and "The Good Life" and many others and part three was about the alternative comedy such as "The Young Ones" and classic sitcoms in the 80's and 90's such as "One Foot in the Grave", "Only Fools and Horses", "Desmonds" and "Men Behaving Badly"

All in all it was a great documentary; perfect.

1999 3 x 50
Get Some In
Robert Lyndsey
Tony Selby
Karl Howman
A British television series about life in Royal Air Force National Service (1955) broadcast between 1975 and 1978 by Thames Television. Scripts were by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey who had previously written The Good Life. The programme drew its inspiration from National Service comedy The Army Game, and from nostalgic Dad's Army, but the RAF setting gave it enough originality not to seem formulaic. Thirty-four (commercial) half-hour episodes were made.

The series has never been repeated in full on terrestrial TV, although the UKTV Gold cable channel has aired the episodes uncut.

These are copies of TV broadcasts from UK Gold.

1975 180


2 Point 4 Children
Belinda Lang
Gary Olsen
John Pickard
Clare Buckfield
Julia Hills

Georgina Cates / Woodgate

Seies 1

Bill and Ben (the flowerpot men ?) seem at first sight a typical couple, married with children Jenny and David and unmarried man-loving family friend Rona. Further developments show, however, that they are prone to situations of an increasingly bizarre nature, belying the ironic implications of the show's title.

Also involved periodically are Ben's assistant, the aggressive Christine, his sister Tina, a fluffy fussy travesty of femininity, Bill's mother Bette and her sister Belle, Ben's father Frank, Rona's Auntie Pearl, Ben's arch enemy and plumber-trickster Jake the Klingon, snotty neighbours Dora and Leonard Grimes, and prospective in-laws Harry and Laura Carson.

Clare Woodgate (young Clare) left the show after two series, changed her name to Georgina Cates and headed for Hollywood.

1991 180


Newman & Badiel
Newman & Badiel TV funnymen David Baddiel and Rob Newman present their popular 'History Today' sketches which include live concert footage from the 1992 Edinburgh Festival.

Newman & Badiel are ex-The Mary Whitehouse Experience which also included Frank Skinner & Steve Punt.

1992 60
3rd Rock From The Sun
John Lithgow
Kirsten Johnson
Various series. 5 x 180

There were 139 episodes - I probably have 30-ish

I have five 3-hour videos recorded from TV - not sure which series, so please enquire if you're interested.

The Curse of Steptoe Jason Issacs
(as Harry H.Corbett)

Philip Davis
(as William.Bramble)

This drama is about the off-screen relationship of the actors and writers.

Made as one of a four-part season shown on BBC4.
The other three programmes in the series :
* Hancock & Joan (Tony Hancock)
* Most Sincerely (Hughie Green)
* Rather You Than Me (Frankie Howerd).

2008 65
South Bank Show Victoria Wood Interview 2007 60 DVD-TV
An Audience With... Julie Walters page. Stand up for celebrity audience. 199? 60 AWJW
An Audience With... Peter Ustinov Stand up for celebrity audience. 198? 60 AWPU
An Audience With... Billy Connoly page. Stand up for celebrity audience. 1986 60
Hyperdrive Nick Frost
Kevin Eldon
Series 1. Red Dwarf Meets Star Trek (?). 2005 180
Hyperdrive Nick Frost
Kevin Eldon
Series 2. 2007 -
Hardware Martin Freeman Various episodes. 2004 ? -
The Meat Festival Vic Reeve
Bob Mortimer
A one-off. ? 30 VRBM1
The 10% ? Pilot - Written by Red Dwarf writers ? 30 TTP
Comedy Connections Steven Fry & Hugh Laurie. Comedy Family Tree 2005 30 CCFL
Comedy Connections Shootings Stars Comedy Family Tree 2006 30
Comedy Connections 3 Of A Kind
* Lenny Henry
* Tracy Ullman
* David Copperfield
Comedy Family Tree 2005 30 010301 PETE+DUD
Comedy Connections Rise & Fall of Reggie Perrin Comedy Family Tree 2005 30
Comedy Connections Not The 9 0'Clock News Comedy Family Tree 2005 30
Comedy Connections The Goodies Comedy Family Tree 2005 30
Comedy Connections Victoria Wood Dinnerladies Family Tree 2006 30 230106
Comedy Connections Red Dwarf Comedy Family Tree 2005 30 RD10
Britian's Rudest Comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown Behind The Scenes Documentary 2006 45
Ricky Gervais Animals - Ricky's live stand up routine. 2003 73
Ricky Gervais Politics - Ricky's live stand up routine. 2004 68
Touch Me...
I'm Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor
Anna Crilly
Jalaal Hartley
This women's humour is new and refreshing and goes in directions you might not expect producing stuff that is both funny and sexy in a non-typical way for the times it's set - it harks back 20 years to wackier influences like Kenny Everett, Frankie Howerd (addressing the camera) and even Benny Hill pure no-apology sexiness. More of the same sexy madness from the woman with curves to die for including characters / sketches like...

Cash Cow - moooo!
Lipstick Lesbians
Miss Harper
Pre-mentrual Girl

2008 6x30
Barely Legal
Various Comedy Sketch Show (Pilot?)
2008 23
Peter Serofinowicz Show
Various Comedy Sketch Show 2007 6x30
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