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Big Banana Feet
Billy Connolly Big Banana Feet

Very rare early documentary filmed in Ireland.

Distributed by Brent Walker Ltd.
Produced by Murry Grigson & Patrick Higson for Unicorn Liesure Scotland.

Picture Quality 8/10

1976 75


Secret Policemans
Other Ball
Billy Connolly Secret Policemans Ball

Just the Billy bits:
   Country Music - 6: 50 minutes
   Scots Men In Rome 7:30 minutes
   Irn Bru 9:26 minutes
   LP Advert (Connolly / Cleese / Cook)         24 seconds

1982 25


An Audience With...
Billy Connolly An Audience With Billy Connolly

Stand up routine with a celebrity audience.

There are so many celebrities in the audience I don't know where to start... pop stars, journalists politicians etc. Anyone who was anyone at the time (no wannabe Big Brother types here).

1985 60
World Tour
of Scotland
Billy Connolly World Tour of Scotland

Billy Connolly's "World Tour of Scotland" is a comedic gem. The basis of the film is Connolly travelling around Scotland, taking in the people, places and giving facts and trivia about each place he visits, all the while accompanied by a camera crew. While traveling, he does shows at theatres in most of the towns he visits, so the "documentary is spiced with footage of his routines, which are hilarious. By far one of the most educational and funny looks at Scotland ever.

1996 6 x 30
A Scot In The Arctic
Billy Connolly A Scot In The Artctic

This fascinating TV special about Billy Connolly's adventures in the Arctic shows more insight into Billy's personality than the beautiful landscape. There are some moments where he is alone, talking to a camera, and we get a sense of how he sometimes likes being isolated and enjoys his solitude. Quite interesting for a man who comes across as being so extroverted.

1996 60


World Tour of Australia
Billy Connolly World Tour of Australia

The things we love about comedians are their astute observations and mastery of the language. The distractive thing about them is their whiny voices and manic mannerisms.

Billy Connolly is possibly the only stand up who does not behave like a big nerd. He delivers his routine like one of the boys and gets away with the taboo.

Connolly’s stand up is brilliant here, and he visits various places in each location where he does his evening gig. Australia is a great place and Connolly the tour guide is likeable – but Connolly the stand up is genius.

1996 6x40
Mrs Brown
Billy Connolly
Judy Dench
Mrs Brown

Billy plays the part of John Brown, Queen Victoria's servant.

While on an extended stay at Balmoral Castle and still in mourning over the death of her beloved Prince Albert, Queen Victoria meets Mr. Brown, a member of her household staff who thinks the time has come for her to start living a normal life. He soon gains the Queen's favor and friendship and his authority and status in the household are soon on the rise. This creates concerns among the Queen's many advisers who see their own influence diminishing and the Queen's reputation being tarnished. As a result, they move to ensure Mr. Brown's future influence in the household is kept in check.

1997 103
Deacon Brodie
Billy Connolly
Simon Donald
Siobhan Redmond
Deacon Brodie

Popular myth holds that William (Deacon) Brodie built the first gallows in Edinburgh and was also its first victim using a gallows Brodie had designed and funded the year before.

According to one tale, Brodie wore a steel collar and silver tube to prevent the hanging from being fatal, but it failed and he was burried in an unmarked grave in Buccleuch, although rumours were that Brodie was seen in Paris the following year.

Brodie was a Scottish cabinet-maker, deacon of the trades guild and Edinburgh city councillor, who maintained a secret life as a burglar, partly for the thrill, and partly to fund his gambling. This inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

1997 90
Still Crazy
Billy Connolly
Bill Nighy
Jimmy Nail
Bruce Robinson
Timothy Spall
Still Crazy

Aging rock band (Strange Fruit) go back on the road.

I also have the soundtrack CD which is very evocative and stands up apart from the film.

The Man Who Sued
Billy Connolly
The Man Who Sued

Billy Connolly plays Steve Myers, a lawyer who became a fisherman from frustration. When his one piece of property, his boat, is struck by lightning and destroyed he is denied insurance money because it was 'an act of God'. He re-registers as a lawyer and sues the insurance company and the church under the geise of God, defending himself. The accident leads him to a friendship and eventual relationship with a journalist, Anna Redmond

2001 90


Gentlemans Relish
Billy Connolly
Sarah Lancashire
Gentlemens Relish

Kingdom Swann is a talented but rather naive Scottish artist who lives in Edwardian London and he is dismayed to find that there is no longer a demand for his style of paintings. Then Violet his housekeeper buys him a camera from the local market stall.

Helped by his unscrupulous new assistant, Cromwell Marsh, he soon transforms himself into "Kingdom Swann, Society Photographer" and is much in demand. When two younger sisters want him to take "artistic photographs" of themselves in the nude, Marsh hoodwinks Swann into specialising in "tableaux": photographic versions of famous paintings of nudes, using local prostitutes as his models. Marsh realises that he can make a great deal of money on the black market by secretly printing selected parts of these photos and selling them under the brand name "Gentlemen's Relish" to a supplier of pornography.

Swann is completely innocent of what is going on. Violet, aided by a group of suffragettes who are demanding votes and equality for women, stumble on Marsh's scheme. In the process they discover that a fiery opponent of pornography who has aspirations of entering the House of Lords is actually one of the best customers of Gentlemen's Relish.

2001 90
World Tour of England, Ireland & Wales
Billy Connolly World Tour of England, Ireland & Wales

This is the boxset filled with all the televised shows from Billy Connolly's world tour. It features clips from various shows on his tour including live at Dublin.

You basically follow Billy around England, Ireland and Wales while he gives you a taste of the history, then you see him performing the following night at a concert.

2004 6x40
World Tour of New Zealand
Billy Connolly World Tour of New Zealand

Filmed during his Too Old To Die Young Tour, this series features Billy exploring the scenery around New Zealand's two islands, mixed with clips from his live shows.

Highlights include Billy partaking in naked bungee jumping and visiting what he believes to be the best toilet.

2004 6x40
The Aristocrats
Billy Connolly
Philis Diller
Whoopi Goldberg
Eric Idle
Eddie Izzard
Emo Phillips
Robin Williams
and many more.
The Aristocrats

This is more of a documentary than a film - it's about the supposed filthiest joke in the world.

Each comedian tells a variation of the same joke each attempting to out-do other versions by making theirs even funnier / more obscene.

2005 84
Was It Something I Said?

Live stand Up in...
Adelade, Australia.

Billy Connolly Was It Something I Said?

Recorded Live in Adelade, Australia.

Billy Connolly is the best stand up in the country, and there are few informed comedy critics who'd disagree. He's not always hilarious but he is always engaging and even when he's not making you cry with laughter, he can take you into his world and entertain you.

This is an improvement on the disappointing 'Live In New York' and for the most part, it's just brilliant stuff. Connolly obviously has a basic structure for each show, but unlike Eddie Izzard with his faux ad-libbing, Connolly genuinely gives flight to thoughts that sometimes take him so far off track, he has to ask the audience to put him back on the right path.

I love that this was filmed in Adelaide, a lovely little Australian city often overlooked by the hustle bustle of Melbourne or Sydney. Billy loves the country too and this comes over well on this release.

A few bits fall flat: the drawn out description of the musical he'd like to make never really works, and at other times he appears more angry then funny, but Billy's admittedly an odd character and he's said before that the stage is like therapy to him; the place he can vent, and I don't mind at all that he does so.

A great gig by a truly gifted man. Decent running time too, at just under two hours. Watch the King show you how it's done.

2007 155
Shrink Rap
Billy Connolly
Pamela Connolly
Shrink Rap

Billy is psychoanalysied by his wife Pammy - brilliant.

2008 50


Journey To The
Edge Of The World
Billy Connolly Edge Of The World

His goal in this series is to travel the North-West Passage - that legendary and deadly sea route across the top of Canada linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. He says he's going to be doing it the hard way, but not this week he isn't.

Starting from Nova Scotia, the modes of transport he uses - a sailing boat, motorcycle, light aircraft and a fishing boat - are anything but arduous.

Winkling out the eccentrics along the way, the Big Yin proceeds to have a laugh with lots of fake Scots, some pretend Vikings, and a whole bunch of genuinely hospitable folk he meets in Newfoundland. Like Paul Merton, the dark and the odd are right up his street and his enthusiasm is infectious.

But most of the attractions he visits, like the Titanic graveyard and the scarecrow park, are still pretty much on the tourist trail. The good stuff lies ahead in coming weeks when he gets off the beaten track.

"Wilderness is brilliant!" he gushes.

2009 6 x 45
South Bank Show
Billy Connolly
Melvyn Bragg
South Bank Show : Revistied

The British arts show The Shouth Bank Show was taken off-air in 2009, but not to worry as there is now a chance to see South BAnk Show : Revistied, and that's what we have here, old and new footage

2009 50


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