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Make A Compilation

To make a compilation choose 2 or more titles which add up to 2 hours total.

For instance, you can choose two 1 hour shows, or four 30 minute shows, which will be added to a single disk and you donate the standard £3.

Please don't request a compilation where all titles are shorter than 15 minute each for the standard £3 donation, but you can include a few short clips if the majority are longer, i.e. a 1 hour title, plus a 30 minute title and a few shorter clips.

There is no shopping cart at this site unless you use Paypal, so if you want multiple videos note them down on paper as you look through the lists and add them to the 'message' box on the contact form which you can forward to me. I will reply via email and provide you with my postal address where you can send your donation (not applicable if you're using Paypal).