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Peter Cook
P.Cook This is a 3 CD set of classic Peter Cook sketches. Audio only - 3 hours of classic comedy.

The CD's will be supplied with full track listing (where applicable / if known) including...

    Eels, Love & Guns
    Interesting Facts
    Sven From Swiss Cottage
    One Leg Too Few
    Sven From Swiss Cottage - Back From LA
    Squatters & Ants
    Sven From Swiss Cottage - Football
    Great Train Robbery
    Memoirs of a Miner
    Royal Box
    Double Trouble
    Frog N Peach
    Intersting Facts
    Just A Minute
    Not Guilty
    Paking Offence
    Radio 2
    EL Wisty - Mining
    Memoroir of a Mino
    Comedy Greats
    Radio Neasden
    St James
    Sitting On A Bench
    Spotty Mulldoon
    Festival Of Arts
    End Of the World

3 x 60


Heroes of Comedy - Peter Cook
A documentary looking back at the Peter Cook legacy with interviews from many prominant contemporaries. 2005 ?
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Best of...
Goodbye Again
Pete Cook
Dudley Moore
Various clips from the early days - dates unknown

Bonus : Interviews with...
Richard Ingrams
Brian O'Rioden
Rob Brydon





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Best of...
Not Only But Also
Pete Cook
Dudley Moore
Various clips [17 in total]

The opening clip is a reworking (1992 ?) of Pete & Dud's '2 men in a pub in raincoats chatting' and they attempt (in character) to settle their (Pete & Dud's) difference after "not speaking for 20 years" (since 1985 when Dud went to the USA which split their double act up).

2005 120 click to donate
Pete Cook
Dudley Moore
The Lost Tapes
Melbourne, Australia (1971).

At the height of their careers, they spent eleven months in Australia touring their latest stage show, Behind the Fridge and writing and starring in two TV specials (of the same name) never seen in Britain at the time.

Both shows were recorded in Melbourne, in early November 1971 and broadcast later that month on Australia’s number one network - Channel Nine. But the shows were never broadcast in the UK and spent the next 34 years in Channel Nine’s Melbourne archive.

Pete and Dud: The Lost Tapes captures Cook and Moore at their very best, providing us with another opportunity to witness their unique and dynamic chemistry at time when their partnership was at its strongest.

2005 60 click to donate

231006 vhs
Not Only But Always
Not Pet & Dud

Rhys Ifans
Aiden McArdle

Superb Film - Tracing the early life of Pete and Dud.

The two actors who play Pete & Dud are perfect - they catch their mannerism and make the whole experience very authentic. It's the next best thing to being there.

It really is a film you'll want to watch over and over if you're a fan.

2004 120 click to donate

010301 vhs
Not Only But Also
Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
The Best Of What's Left Of ...
Not Only But Also
2002 25 click to donate

also on
281202 vhs
Post Humourous Tribute

Terry Jones
Micheal Palin
Griff Rhys Jones
Jimmy Carrr
Harry Enfield
Ade Edmunson
Angus Deyton
Rik Mayall
Greg Proops
Josie Lawrence
Clive James
Dom Jolly
Neil Innes

A posthumous tribute to the comic genius of Peter Cook, recorded on 19th September 2002 at the Princes of Wales Theatre in London's West End. Features a selection of comics and friends recreating some of Peters most famous material.

2002 60 click to donate

281202 vhs

Dudley Moore Documentary (mainly about his music).
By this point Dudley was visible very ill and it's a very emotional exiperince watching as he hears for the first time, his own musical score (composed as a student) being performed by a quartet. This is his last ever TV appearance. Goodbyeeee...
2000 50 click to donate

281202 vhs
Peter Cook Talks Golf Balls
Peter Cook Peter Cook plays four characters in his last major work. Alec Dunroonie (Scotland), Dr. Dieter Liedbetter (Germany), Major Titherly Glibble (England) and Bill Rossie (U.S.A.) all of whom are eccentric to say the least.

"Peter Cook Talks Golf Balls" examines the world's second oldest profession from every possible angle. Sex, nudity, cats, ants and some of the most embarassing mistakes ever made by international golfers. It's cruel to laugh at other people's misfortune, but here's your chance.

This outrageously funny video features four hilarious performances by Peter Cook as - distinguished German golf psychiatrist Dr Dieter Liedbetter, the chief secretary of the Antler Room, Major Titherly Glibble, Scotland's own veteran caddy Alec Dunroonie, and the overbearing US commentator Bill Rossie. All four are vintage Peter Cook.

This is a video for every golfer, and for those who know nothing about the game whatsoever, but just love a good laugh!

1994 55 click to donate

The Real Derek & Clive
Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
Documentary highlighting the real Derek & Clive (who are as if you didn't know Pete & Dud, bu thery keep the pretense up with amaxingly funny recourse). ? 60 click to donate

010301 vhs
A Life In Pieces
Peter Cook Twelve, 5 minute monologues 1990 60
A Slight Angle To The Universe
Peter Cook
Peter Rabey
Jonathan Harlow
Wendy Cook
Tim Harrold
Roger Law
Adrian Slade
Jonathan Miller
Sir David Frost
Ned Sherrin
John Bassett
Willie Donaldson
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Michael Parkinson
Brenda Vaccaro
John Fortune
Nicholas Luard
Gaye Brown
Christopher Booker
Ian Hislop
Victor Lownes
Michael Bawtree
Joe McGrath
Dick Clement
Mel Smith
Clive Anderson
Paul Jackson
Harry Enfield
Clive Bull,

TV documentary tracing the life of the comedian and satirist from his school days, through the Cambridge Footlights, to Beyond the Fringe and his partnership with Dudley Moore.

With contributions from Cook's friends and collegues (as listed) and archival interview footage of both Cook and Dudley Moore.

2002 90 click to donate

281202 vhs

Saturday Live [UK]
Peter Cook
Stephen Fry
Hugh Laurie
Harry Enfeild
John Bird
Harry Enfield
Ben Elton
Dawn French
Jenifer Saunders
Lousie Anderson
Music - Bronski Beat
Music - Twisted Sister
Music - Raw Sex

Quality is low (5/10), but still watchable and considering it's age and the line up and the fact it will never be available on DVD is worth watching.

It features sketches, standup and music (see left for line up).

1986 120 click to donate
The Two Of Us
Peter Cook
Oliver Clark
Dana Hill
Mini Kennedy
Tim Thomerson
US Sitcom

Nan Gallagher, a television talk show host and single mother, needs some help to manage her house. She place an ad in the newspaper for a housekeeper. Robert Brentwood, an English butler, answers it. Now he is a bit arrogant and pompous and is not particularly fond of Americans. But nevertheless Nan decides to give him a try and he too, gives it a try.

Get The Horn
Derek & Clive Banned from UK cinemas release.
This recording was made in a recording studio when Pete and Dud were actually recording material which eventuall became the LP -' Derek & Clive Get The Horn'
1979 90 click to donate
Staurday Live [USA]
Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
Neil Sedaka
Jim Henson's Muppets
Dan Ackroyd
John Belushi
Chevey Chase

Pete & Pud host the whole episode. Considering it's age this is great picture quality (9/10).

1976 66 click to donate

The Rise & Rise Of Micheal Rimmer
Peter Cook [writer]
John Cleese [writer]
Graham Chapman [writer]
Arthur Lowe
Denholm Elliot
Harold Pinter

Fresh-faced young Michael Rimmer worms his way into an opinion poll company and is soon running the place. He uses this as a springboard to get into politics and in the mini-skirted flared-trousered world of 1970 Britain starts to rise through the Tory ranks. Written by Jeremy Perkins

1970 94
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Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
Elenor Bron
Barry Humphries

Stanley is a short order cook, infatuated with Margaret, the statuesque waitress who works at Whimpy Burger with him.

Despondent, he prepares to end it all when he meets George Spiggott AKA the devil. Selling his soul for 7 wishes, Stanley tries to make Margaret his own first as an intellectual, then as a rock star, then as a wealthy industrialist. As each fails, he becomes more aware of how empty his life had been and how much more he has to live for.

He also meets the seven deadly sins who try and advise him.

105 1967
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010301 vhs

Beyond The Fringe
Pete Cook
Dudley Moore
Alan Bennett
Johnathan Millar
The only filmed performance of their successful stage show. ? ?
The Wrong Box
Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
Tony Hancock
Film. 1966 105
London Palladuim
Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
London Palladuim

Screen shows timer - TV studio. This is a back stage primer - NOT on stage.

1965 13
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