Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales

Episode Review [Love Gods]

Jack (Craig Kelly) and Stevie (Steve John Sheperd) are two despicable twenty-somethings who rip off unhappy but wealthy women by causing them shame for two-timing. They get their comeuppance when they try to pull one off on forty-nine-year-old Alison (Julie.T.Wallace), a mysterious lady from the East. She has a Faberge egg that they want to screw her out of, but while Stevie is making love with her after she claims to fancy him, he jumps out of his skin as he suddenly sees a shrivelled yellow face grinning at him! He tells her she looked a couple of centuries older than forty-nine, then decides he must be seeing things. Jack has got close to her too, so they decide to steal her egg by having Stevie rush in on her and Jack when they are in bed and then starting a fight in which one of them can make off with it. However, it all goes horribly wrong when Stevie goes into Alison's house to discover she is on her own- he cannot find Jack!

She asks him to stay for champagne, but he panics and tells her he "has to dash". She then grabs him and kisses him, after which he passes out. The final shot shows her feeding what is presumably Jack's kidney to her dog and leaving the house with Stevie suffocating to death in a clothes bag! This is a must for anyone who likes Roald Dahl's adult work as it definitely felt like something out of KISS, KISS. Undoubtedly the best episode in the series. Rating 4.5 out of 5.

Episode Review [Txt Msg Rcvd]
Travelling sales trainer Alex Wright can't live without his state of the art mobile: as modern man on the move it's his number one means of communication and entertainment, personal assistant and constant companion rolled into one. Alex also finds solace in the arms of colleague Davina, usually overnight at a Jolly Traveller motel when he can make excuses to his wife, Janet. But his smug existence quickly unravels when he receives a series of mysterious text messages. Everything's on the line, his marriage, his job, his best mate Keith. Someone is out to destroy his life. He's great, why would anyone have it in for him?

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Twisted Tales

Marc Warren
Craig Kellly
Steve John Sheperd
Simon Woods Mark Benton
Antony Cotton

  Series 1 : 14 episodes - 30 minutes each.

    Txt Msg Rcvd
    Flat Four
    Charlie's angels
    Death Metal Chronicles
    Vacant Possession
    The Irredeemable Brain of Dr. Heinrich Hunsecker
    Nothing To Fear
    Cursed House
    The Patter Of Tiny Feet
    Murder Me
    The Magister
    Fruitcake of the Living Dead

2005 14 x 30 click to donate

2 disks


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