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The page title is in tribute to the King of Beer - Michael Jackson (no not that one - he's the King of Pop).

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The Beer Hunter


  The Beer Hunter : 6 episodes - 30 minutes each.

Michael Jackson (27 March 1942 – 30 August 2007) was an English writer and journalist. He was the author of several influential books about beer and whisky.

The series, The Beer Hunter, was first shown on Channel 4 (UK TV) in 1990 has been shown on television in at least 10 countries since. His articles about beer have appeared in newspapers and periodicals worldwide. He is considered to be the most important researcher about beer worldwide

The series follows the Bard of Beer around Europe and includes the following episodes.

   1 - The Burgundies of Belgium
   2 - The Fifth Element
   3 - The Bohemian Connection
   4 - Our Daily Beer
   5 - Californian Pilgramage
   6 - Best Of British

The recording quality is rated 7/10 : VHS to DVD

1990 6 x 30 click to donate



How Stuff Works - Beer

Robert Llewellyn (Kryten)

  How Stuff Works - Beer

Your guided tour to the science and technology behind the everyday world.

This episodes looks at what beer is, it's ingredients, flavours, world styles and everything else you may want to know about it.

2008 20 click to donate




Risky Business
Neil Morrisey
Richard Fox

  Risky Business

This TV series follows these two likely lads (Neil Morrisey / Richard Fox) over six months as they try to make their pipe-dream a reality - setting up a brewery.

In the first episode, Neil and Richard try to find the perfect pub, brew up their first beer and put their home-brew to the test. With their own money and their personal reputations at stake, the boys soon find that creating a successful business is harder than it looks. Is it a case of Men Brewing Badly?

If you like this then you may like The Beer Hunter

2008 3 x 50 click to donate




Cutting Edge: The Red Lion

Starring :

  Cutting Edge: The Red Lion - 60 mins

Sue Bourne is an award-winning filmmaker.

She recently travelled 3000 miles around the UK for a Channel 4 documentary - to visit some of the 600 pubs called the Red Lion, the most common name for a pub in the UK.

She explored British drinking culture, questioned the friendly 'locals' and investigated the future of pubs along the way.

2009 60 click to donate




The Culture Show
British Pubs

Starring :
Larene Laverne
Mark Kermode
John Cale
Carol Ann Duffy

  The Culture Show : British Pubs - 60 mins

This edition of the Culture Show is presented by Lauren Laverne, and looks at the past, present and future of the British pub. With an estimated 50 pubs a week now closing across the UK, 2009 could be the worst ever year in the history of British pubs. What's behind the decline? What's being lost as pubs go to the wall? Writers, thinkers and philosophical drinkers join Lauren to discuss whether it's now last orders for pubs.

For the Culture Show, Sting goes the Cumberland Arms, one of the oldest pubs in Newcastle and the heart of the city's folk scene. Sting performs from his new album If on a Winter's Night, accompanied by Kathryn Tickell on Northumbrian pipes, Peter Tickell on the fiddle and Julian Sutton on the melodeon.

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has written and performs a special poem - John Barleycorn - for this pub-themed Culture Show. It's both a lament for and a celebration of the pub, once a cornerstone of British cultural life.

2009 60 click to donate




Gerry's Big Decision

Starring :
Gerry Robinson

  Gerry's Big Decision - 60 mins

Every week, Sir Gerry Robinson is presented with two businesses on the verge of bankruptcy and picks one to save. But, unlike The Apprentice, there's no real prize – just the possibility of a lifeline. It's the last-chance saloon. Look, you can see the desperation in their eyes. They really need this, and need it bad.

This episodee sees two failing breweries. Itchen Valley Brewery in Hampshire and O’Hanlon’s Brewery in Devon. Only one will benefit from Gerry's cash and help.

2009 60 click to donate




Men Brewing Badly
World Cup 2010

Neil Morrisey
Richard Fox

  Men Brewing Badly : World Cup 2010

WORLD Cups and alcohol don't always mix. There's still parts of Rimini being rebuilt after a contingent of England fans stopped by for a quiet pint at Italia '90.

Nevertheless, Neil Morrissey and co-brewer Richard Fox have vowed to bring a flavour of British beer to South Africa, although FIFA was never going to let their blonde ale replace the half-time oranges.

Of course, just watching a couple of blokes delivering a few crates of ale is never going to make overly fascinating television. That's why the Dray Channel on Sky was so ill-fated. And so Morrissey and Fox embarked on a 3,000-mile road trip from Dar es Salaam down through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and on into South Africa.

There were 5 episodes, but I only have three of them -1, 3 and 5 (I think). As all episodes were about travelling from A to B on their way to their destination, you still get a sense of the point of the journey.

2010 3 x 45 click to donate





Oz and Hugh Raise The Bar

Oz Clarke
Hugh Dennis

  Oz and Hugh Raise The Bar : 4 episodes - 50 mins each.

Oz Clarke and Hugh Dennis scour the British Isles for the best independent drinks. They plan to open two bars that will go head to head for one night only.

The couple travel all around England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales visiting breweries and micro breweries and certain pub in search of non-commercial drinks to stock their bar.


1 - England's south yields offal- and jellyfish-flavoured beer and lauded sparkling wines.

2 - Oz Clarke and Hugh Dennis begin their Gaelic grog tour in Perthshire and end it in Galway.

3 - Oz takes orders from a Benedictine monk and Hugh dresses as a whoopee cushion.

4 - Oz and Hugh head to Wales to feed beer to some boozing bovines.

2010 4 x 50 click to donate
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