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Henry Fairfield Osborn
Jack Horner
Dr John Hutchinson
Dr Karen Chin

T-Rex - Warrior or Wimp?

  T-Rex - Warrior or Wimp?

BBC - Horizon

Tyrannosaurus rex - it's the scariest, meanest, most bewitching dinosaur of them all. Children are captivated by the sheer savagery of the teeth. Experts marvelled at the force of its bite - ten times more powerful than anything we know today. Moviemakers made millions out of the terror it inspired. But could our picture of this monster be completely wrong?

Was T. rex in fact a slow lumbering creature, with hideously bad breath, that couldn't get anywhere close to catching a Triceratops. Was it really a scavenger that lived off the scraps left by others? Was T. rex, in fact, a wimp?

Featuring fabulous graphics and interviews with T. rex experts from around the world, Horizon looks at the new science that is challenging the legend of the dinosaur we love to hate.

2007 45 click to donate




Tyler Lyson

The Dinosaur Mummy

  The Dinosaur Mummy

In 1999, on the hot and dry sandstones of Hell Creek in North Dakota, 16-year-old Tyler Lyson discovered the protruding spinal bones of a hadrosaur dinosaur.

Hadrosaur fossils are not uncommon though and Tyler didn't return to excavate the bones until 2004.

This particular hadrosaur, however, turned out to be a precious rarity.

Not only was the whole skeleton fossilised, so was some of the soft tissue as well.

2007 50 click to donate




Bill Oddie

The Truth About
Killer Dinosaurs

  The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs

Analysis of T-Rex versus Triceratops as enemies. Documentary uses animation.

In the ultimate clash of the titans, the giants of prehistory engage in mortal combat. The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs harnesses new research and new ways of seeing how the most ferocious dinosaurs really lived, and died.

2006 2 x 60 click to donate




Keneth Branagh

Waliking With Beasts

  Waliking With Beasts - Series 1
  3 episodes - 45 minutes each.


Walking with Beasts takes up the story where Walking with Dinosaurs left off.

Broadcast in 2001, it told the story of life on Earth from the death of the dinosaurs to the dawn of the age of man.

Weird and wonderful creatures, from Woolly Mammoths to birds that ate horses, pushed special effects teams to the limit.
2003 3 x 45 click to donate




Crater of Death

  Crater of Death - 45 mins.


Investingating the theory that a meteriote crash wiped out the existance of dinosaurs.

This is the profile of an extraterrestrial mass murderer: one whose existence was denied by scientific orthodoxy for nearly two decades, but has now been tracked down. 65 million years ago a 15km wide asteroid hit the Earth.

In 1978 Walter Alvarez, a Nobel-prize-winning physicist, and his son Luis, first proposed the outrageous idea that a meteorite strike blasted the dinosaurs into extinction, taking with them half of life on the planet. Their theory was hotly disputed. Now the irrefutable evidence is rolling in.

2002 45 click to donate




Living With Dinosaurs

  Living With Dinosaurs - 45 mins.

BBC Horizon

How crocodiles, turtles survived the cataclysm that wiped out their ancestors (dinosuars).

2000 45 click to donate




Keneth Branagh

Walking With Dinosaurs

  Walking With Dinosaurs - Series 1
  3 episodes - 60 minutes each.


Broadcast in 1999, Walking with Dinosaurs set out to create the most accurate portrayal of prehistoric animals ever seen on the screen.

Combining fact and informed speculation with cutting-edge computer graphics and animatronics effects, the series took two years to make.
1999 3 x 60 click to donate





Walking With Dinosaurs
Making of...

  Making of... (Walking With Dinosaurs) : 50 mins.

Looks behind the scenes at the animation and anamtronics operated by technicians.

1999 50 click to donate




Phil Currie

Extreme Dinosaurs

  Extreme Dinosaurs - Argetinasaurus - 45 mins.

Amazing new discoveries in South America are revolutionising what we thought we knew about the dinosaur world.

It now seems that South America was home to both the largest meat-eater - so new it's still without a name - and the largest herbivore - the enormous long-necked Argentinasaurus.

And what's more, these dinosaurs lived at the same time in the same place.

So it's possible that like in a science fiction movie, in this prehistoric world these two giants of their kind fought each other in a spectacular clash of the Titans.

1999 45 click to donate


If you like dinosaurs then you maybe you'll like Gogs [animated cavemen]. For children and adults alike.