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Black & Blue: Secrets
Warren Mitchell

Secrets Chocolates receive an unexpected sales boost when three maintenance workers fall into the chocolate vat and are fed through the production line.

Below (made in 1988) is a remade version, called Consuming Passions.

Written by Micheal Palin & Terry Jones

1973 55
Ripping Yarns
Micheal Palin
Terry Jones
Ian Ogilvy
Roy Kinnear
Ian Cuthbertson
Denholm Elliot
Series 1 [6 episodes]

Ripping Yarns was written by Michael Palin and Terry Jones. The series ran on the BBC from 1976 to 1979.

Each episode had a completely different setting and completely different characters, each looking at a different aspect of British culture. The idea of "ripping yarns" parodied a pre-World War II schoolboy genre.

1976 6x30
Ripping Yarns 2
Micheal Palin
Terry Jones
Maria Aitken
Bill Fraser
John Cleese
John LeMesuier
Series 2 [only 3 episodes made in series 2]

This disk also includes...
Comic Roots - Documentary (1983)
Secrets - Black comedy (1973)

1979 175
Micheal Palin

Film directed by Terry Gilliam and starring M.Palin - very much in the style and historical period of Holy Grail.

1977 104


Great Railways Journeys
Micheal Palin

Includes both his 1980 and 1994 railway journeys. In the first, Michael travels the length of Britain by train up the west coast to Scotland and down the east coast.

In the second, he travels Ireland whilst tracing the 'family line' of his great grandmother.

2 x 60


The Missionary
Micheal Palin

In 1905, after 10 years of missionary work in Africa, the Rev. Charles Fortesque is recalled to England, where his bishop gives him his new assignment - to minister to London's prostitutes. Charles hopes Deborah, his fiancee, will object and give him an excuse to say no to the bishop. But she is so imperturbably innocent that she totally fails to understand what he is being asked to do, and urges him to do his best. Wealthy Lady Ames is expected to fund the work, but once she makes it clear to Charles that there will be no contribution unless he shares her bed...

1982 90
    Comic Roots
M Palin Documentary 1983 30
A Private Function
Micheal Palin Film - set in 1940's Yorkshire. 1984 105
Brazil (uncut)
Micheal Palin
Johnathon Price
Bob Hoskins
Film - Directed by Terry Gilliam 1985 137
East Of Ipswich
John Nettleton
Pat Heywood
Edward Rawle-Hicks
Biopic of Micheal Palin (also written by him).

Michael Palin drew on his own memories of torturous holidays in grey, coastal towns when writing this gentle comedy set in England during the late 1950s. Very little of their inherent humour and horror escapes his attention: the gargoyle of a landlady who runs her B&B like a seaside stalag, the gruesome couple whom his parents invariably befriend, and predominantly, the crushing tedium of provincial holiday towns.

1987 90


Number 27
Nigel Planer
Pete Postlethwaite
Written by Micheal Palin 1988 74
Consuming Passions
Johnathon Pryce
Andrew Sachs
Prunella Scales
Vanessa Redgrave
Written by Micheal Palin and Terry Jones.
This is a remake of the play Secrets from 1973 (see above)

At his new job at Butterworth Chocolates, Mr. Farris accidentally knocks several workers into a mixing vat, the contents of which are then sent to market. When reviews of the company's new candy come back, they are overwhelmingly negative, except for the areas that received the 'special ingredient'. Farris soon finds himself assigned the task of obtaining more of the ingredient to satisfy the nation's sweet tooth.

1988 94
Around The World In 80 Days
Micheal Palin WANTED
Episodes 1,2,3 and 4 only (I have others).

The first journey – and what an initiation. Dhows, diarrhoea, the Corinth Canal, hungry parrots and a bomb scare as a welcome home. And back in time to challenge Phileas Fogg. Just.

1989 240
American Friends
Micheal Palin Biography of Palin's great grandfather Edward Palin - written by and starring MP. 1991 95
Pole To Pole
Micheal Palin

Phileas Fogg behind, Roald Amundsen ahead. And a mere 16 countries and both hemispheres to cover. Communism collapsed, civil wars sparked and Michael faced one of his most gruelling but rewarding journeys.

1992 400
Full Circle
Micheal Palin Documentary - 6 Episodes

Blizzards, Bogota's Bullet Street and Alaskan abandonment pushed Michael and the crew to the limit as they trekked around the Pacific – and helped forge an astonishing series. Episoe 6 missing.

1997 180
Hemingway Adventure
Micheal Palin

One hundred years after the birth of Ernest Hemingway, Michael Palin sets out to discover the man behind the legend: a hard-drinking, controversial figure who wrote like a dream.

Four 50 minute episodes.

1999 4x50
Micheal Palin Interview. Promotion Sahara show 2002 20
Micheal Palin Documentary - 6 Episodes

The Sahara. The size of the United States with a population the size of Norfolk. And with extreme temperatures and camel poisoning thrown in, Michael always had his work cut out.

2002 300
  2 disks
Micheal Palin Documentary - 6 Episodes

In Himalaya, Michael visits the Earth's greatest mountain range - 1800 miles from the borders of Afghanistan to southwest China. He'd covered none of this ground before, let alone milked a dri, washed an elephant or swum at 14,000 feet...

2004 180


Mark Lawson [imdb]
Talks To…
Micheal Palin

A series in which arts presenter Mark Lawson has a 60-minute in-depth conversation with a notable figure. He also interviewed Terry Gilliam

2005 60
The Mystery of Hammershøi
Micheal Palin In 2005, Michael Palin set out to unlock the mysteries and find out about the background and life of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi.

Hammershøi painted around the start of the 20th century and many of his pictures have a distinct coolness and distance about them. Palin, wanting to know of his inspirations and the reason for these mystical pictures, starts his search in Hayward Gallery in London, goes to Amsterdam and finally the painters home town, Copenhagen (Denmark).

2005 55
New Europe
Micheal Palin Palin visits many of the new European countries that have joined the European union in the past decade.

Michael's travels in New Europe take him to twenty countries and a world that has changed beyond belief since the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Iron Curtain. It's a journey that sees hope and unity in the place of fear and war...

Seven 45 minute episodes

2007 420
  2 disks
Comedy Connections
Ripping Yarns
Micheal Palin
Terry Jones
James Gilbert
Terry Hughesr

Comedy Connections is a BBC One documentary series which looks at the stories behind the production of some of Britain's comedy television programmes, showing how they tie in with the production of other comedy shows.

The shows feature interviews with some of the cast and crew of the subject programme, as well as footage from the series - Ripping Yarns.

2008 40


The Scottish Colourists
Micheal Palin The Scottish Colourists

Michael Palin explores the lives and paintings of four Scottish artists known as the Colourists: John Duncan Fergusson, George Leslie Hunter, Samuel John Peploe and Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell.

Their works hang in 10 Downing Street, but in their own lifetimes their vibrant vision shocked the critics.

2008 40
Timewatch - The Last Days of WW1
Micheal Palin

In October 2007 Palin was fortunate to be asked to be Historical Consultant for one of the flagship programmes the BBC was planning for the 90th Anniversary of the end of the Great War.

He spent the winter of 2007/ 2008 researching the last week of the war, and in particular with special reference to the last day. He had a genuine interest in WW1, having lost a great uncle on the Somme in 1916.

2008 45


Jonathan Ross Show
Micheal Palin
Jonathan Ross

Palin is on the show promoting the second of his diaries Halfway To Hollywood, but we also see a lot of Palin's TV and Film roles.

2009 9


Graham Norton Show
Micheal Palin
Graham Norton
Palin is on the show promoting the second of his diaries Halfway To Hollywood 2009 16


Culture Show
Micheal Palin
Palin is on the show promoting the second of his diaries Halfway To Hollywood as well as talking to Mark Kermode about his films etc. 2009 15


Paul O'Grady Show
Micheal Palin
Palin is on the show promoting the second of his diaries Halfway To Hollywood, however this is a much longer interview than the previous shows above where he's doinng the same. 2009 30


Alan Titmarsh Show
Micheal Palin
Palin is on the show promoting the second of his diaries Halfway To Hollywood 2009 9


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