Victor Lewis-Smith

Victor Lewis-Smith

Lewis-Smith claimed in the Daily Mirror to have worked for the BBC at the age of 17, continuing after graduation from the University of York with contract employment on BBC radio talk shows Rollercoaster, Start The Week and Midweek, during which he booked Arthur Mullard as a stand-in presenter for Libby Purves (interviewing Prof. A. J. Ayer). According to The Times (26 February 1987) Lewis-Smith was replaced after ratings had fallen: "the department head, Alan Rogers, broke convention by admitting that the programme...had lost its way".

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TV Offal

Victor Lewis Smith

  Series 1 : Pilot episode plus 6 episodes - 25 minutes each.

Radiohaha, the online encyclopaedia of contemporary British radio comedy, describes Lewis-Smith as having been "almost entirely eclipsed by the rise of Chris Morris, who tends to occupy similar ground". Morris (then working in BBC Radio Bristol) in fact sent a Lewis-Smith-style tape to Loose Ends in 1988, asking if he could be on the programme (doing something similar a couple of years later by writing to Time Out editor John Morrish, asking to take over Lewis-Smith's column when the latter was on holiday).

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Inside Victor Lewis -Smith

Victor Lewis Smith
Nickolas Grace
Moya Brady
Roger Lloyd Pack
Chris Langham
Ken Russell
Dean Gaffney

  Series 1 :6 episodes - 30 minutes each.

This series takes a look inside the mind of comic author, prankster, and journalist Victor Lewis-Smith as he lies immobilized in a "comic coma" in a BBC hospital for distressed broadcasters.

Throughout the course of the series, Lewis-Smith confronts the dark recesses of his own psyche as he embarks on a guided tour of his internal organs via his bloodstream, accompanied by a chatty cab driver who doubles as a narrative linking device.

The hospital story line is woven around a series of comedy sketches that emerge from Lewis-Smith's subconscious when his life-support system is fed into a television monitor, in effect transforming him into a "human video playback machine."

The result is a bold, bizarre, and hilarious collection of skits embedded within a surreal, highly innovative situation comedy format. Each episode features one or more of Mr Lewis-Smith's signature phone pranks played on some unsuspecting member of the public..

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