Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha is... Ali G, Borat & Brüno

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen [13th October 1971].
He was voted Personality of the year at the TV Quick awards in London, England, UK. [4 September 2000]
Studied History at Christ's College, Cambridge.
In contrast to his characters, he is a soft-spoken, gentlemanly Cambridge man who considered pursuing a PhD before going into comedy.

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Sacha Baron Chohen
Ken Davitian
Ken Davitian
Pamela Anderson

  Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit
  Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Borat Sagdiyev is a TV reporter of a popular show in Kazakhstan as Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man and a leading journalist. He is sent from his home to America by his government to make a documentary about American society and culture. Borat takes a course in New York City to understand American humor. While watching Baywatch on TV, Borat discovers how beautiful their women are in the form of C. J. Parker, (Pamela Anderson). He decides to go on a cross-country road trip to California in a quest to make her his wife and take her back to his country.

2007 85 click to donate




New Heroes of Comedy

Sacha Baron Cohen
Paul Kaye
Richard Curtis
Gary Shandling

  New Heroes of Comedy : Sacha Baron Cohen

A documentary about the characters Sacha plays with clips and interviews with famous comedy colleagues singing their praises.

2008 50 click to donate


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