Grey Matter

K.Campbell / Professor Susan Greenfield

Ken was a man who questioned everything. He was a scientist / alternative comedian. A one off.
Professor Susan Greenfield is a neuroscientist who was made a life peer (Baroness) in 2001.
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Ken Campbell
Richard Dawkins
Susan Greenfield
Galen Strawson

Ken Campbell investigates consciousness, the self and the mind.

Part 1 - Mind Out
Explores the brain and consciousness. Why did consciousness evolve? What do optical illusions tell us about our brains? Includes interviews with biologist Richard Dawkins, neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and philosopher Galen Strawson.

Part 2 - In Two Minds
Explores materialist explanations and philosophical reservations about the nature of conscious experience. Is it possible to build a conscious machine? If it appears to be conscious does it mean it really is? Interviews with Marvin Minsky and John Searle.

Part 3 - The Little Geezer
Explores the nature of the self. Is it possible for something to be conscious without a sense of self? Is it possible to lose your sense of self? Is the 'self' an illusion we just console ourselves with? Interviews an ex-cult member, a woman with multiple personality disorder, the late Dr John Lilley (who wrote 'Programming and Meta Programming the Human Supercomputer') and finally the philosopher Derek Parfit author of 'Reasons and Persons'.

1996 3 x 50 click to donate




Professor Susan Greenfield

The Brain Story
Think back to your first memory. Now think about what you had for lunch today. Recall the smell of freshly baked bread and the sound of a traffic jam in a busy city street. Now think of three types of flowers: their names, their colours, their smells. Ever wonder how in a matter of a few seconds your brain can provide you with bits of unrelated information that transcend time and place? It's faster than the most advanced computer and far more powerful. Yet we hardly understand it. Get your head round the human brain with Brain Story.

    01 - All In the Mind
    02 - In the Heat of the Moment
    03 - The Mind's Eye
    04 - First Among Equals
    05 - Growing the Mind
    06 - The Final Mystery
2001 6 x 50 click to donate


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