Scandals in the small village of Clochemerle where a baroness and a bunch of churchly holier-than-thou women rebel against the building of a public urinal on the village square.

There are a whole lot of things going on in the place - a child of Mary getting pregnant by a village idiot which the army made a corporal. A women cheating on their husband. The vicar overtaken by events....

In order to save the third Republic - the Army arrives and declares a state of emergency complete with curfew. A violent spoof on both the Church and the Army, this series still retains some funny moments but the caricature is too ponderous and the many bawdy lines might be off-putting for today's audience. Written by Galton / Simpson (Dad's Army / Steptoe & Sonetc)

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Peter Ustinov [narrator]
Cyril Cusack
Roy Dotrice
Wendy Hiller
Michael Golden
Larry Noble

  Series 1 : 9 episodes - 30 minutes each.

    The Magnificent Idea of Barthelemey Piechut, the Mayor
    The Triumphant Inauguration of a Municipal Amenity
    The Spirited Protest of Justine Pulet
    The Awful Awakening of Claudius Brodequin
    The Painful Infliction of Nicholas the Beadle
    The Scandalous Outcome of a Night of Destruction
    The Inexorable Power of the Third Republic
    The Dreaded Arrival of Captain Tardivaux
    The Glorious Triumph of Barthelemey Piechut

Gabriel Chevallier's delightful novel Clochemerle satirizes the titanic confrontation of secular and religious forces in a small wine-growing village in Beaujolais. The eruption begins when the socialist mayor decides that he wants to leave behind a monument to his administration's achievements.

He takes as his model the ancient Romans, who were famous for two things; hygiene and noble edifices. Thus, he decides to unite the two concepts by constructing a public urinal in the centre of town.

There is one problem, however. The chosen site is next to the village church, and this outrages the ecclesiastical party.

1972 9 x 30 click to donate


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