Dark Ages

Dark Ages - The 1st Millenium

People in England are worried about the coming millennium. The year is A.D. 999.

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Dark Ages

Sheridan Smith
Pauline McLynne
Phil Jupitus
Alistair McGowan

  Series 1 : 5 episodes - 24 minutes each.

Written By Doug Grant - author of Red Dwarf.

This was a refreshing and humourous slant on what the next thousand years held for humanity by looking back to the previous milennuim when man lived a simpler life instead of "will our pc's still have the correct date or will planes fall out of the sky?" type-of-thing).

Dark Ages stars Phil Jupitus, a young busty Sheridan Smith (Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps), Alister McGowan and Pauline McLynne (Father Ted).

All are involved in a race to build a large (for the period) globe (a la the millennium Dome), fraught with all the political wrangling that exist today.

Oh, it's fairly unique and seemed to hark back to a style of British sitcom that isn't made any longer, which I think is a shame. There was an actual story involved and was genuinely funny (not laugh out loud), but funny because the characters ranged from the ignorant to political schemer with everything inbetween with just enough sexual attraction in the form of Sheridan Smith to keep almost everyone happy.

    Vile Vole Pie
    End Of The World
1999 5 x 24 click to donate


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