Hotel Babylon

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Hotel Babylon


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Hotel Babylon

Dexter Fletcher
Max Beesley
Tamzin Outhwaite
Emma Pierson
Martin Marquez
Michael Obiora

  Hotel Babylon : Series 1 : 8 episodes - 60 minutes each.
  Hotel Babylon : Series 2 : 8 episodes - 60 minutes each.
  Hotel Babylon : Series 3 : 8 episodes - 60 minutes each.

"I would have to say this show is brilliant! Finally they put a show on TV that is worth watching. Its funny, dramatic, sexy and intriguing!

The characters all mesh together well and the actors are top class. I would love to work in a 5 star hotel like this in real life just to see if what goes on behind guests backs is true! It does the book its based on justice and much much more.

Hopefully its on the television for a few more years to come as I'm sure they have plenty of juicy stories and gossip to tell. Thumbs up I definitely recommend watching if it you want some great entertainment and I assure you, you will be hooked after 5 minutes."

Elka West (



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