June 4th 2006 by Digital Dave

Each list is ordered alphabetically or by year or grouped by Series / Actors etc (some shows appear in more than one list / category) and include - Title, Actors, Comments, Year, Mins (length) and finally an ID code, most of which should be self-explaitary but here are full details. Examples such as avi-dvd or iso-dvd folowed by a numberr (010199) is my library catalogue number).

Information :
Intially (1985) when I created my lists all my recordings were on VHS video - either commercial VHS or recorded from TV. Originally I used an abreviated code such as MP22 (Monty Python tape 22). Some videos are also listed in the simpler format V22 (Video 22). Other simple number format codes are FK1 which is for an individual film, (in this example Fisherking). You don't really need to know what this type of code means when requesting a backup as it's for my information when finding a recording in my collection.

Since I began buying commercial DVD's (2000) and have the ability to record DVD-R's from TV (2005) or make backups on my PC (2006) this is now reflected in the codes :

DVD My original is on DVD (from TV or a commercial release).
TV As above, but there are 2 or more DVD's in the set.
vhs My original is a commercial VHS video tape.
TV A recording from TV (recorded to VHS then to DVD).
TV As above, but there are 2 or more DVD's in the set.
TV AVI files are computer files and playable on any PC. (supplied on CD or DVD).
  010105 A long number is an ID of a compilation and not an individual DVD/VHS etc. Typically these are short clips which you can put on a compilation - compilations DVDs are £3, unless you want lots of clips 5 minute clips and then it'£5.

When there are 2 or more disks in a set, one is often a bonus disk (if a commercial release) and will be considered a straight swap (for similar) for trading purposes only - otherwise see the non-trades page (i.e. making a donation).

Where a tv series is split across 2 (or more) disks becasue of total length this is indicated in the description. Please remember by default I use SP (standard play) on 120 minute (2 hour) branded disks by default, but can also record using LP (4 hrs) so a long series fits to a single disk (and you donate for a single disk), but will only consider this at your request (be aware it isn't always possible and picture quality is reduced accordingly).