Last Chancers

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The Last Chancers - Top Rarity !

Not available on DVD or VHS.

This was a Channel Four / Comedy Lab pilot in 2002 - unmade series.

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Adam Buxton
Kevin Eldon
John Shepard

  Series 1 : 4 episodes - 30 minutes each.


A comedy drama written by Tony MacMurray and Adam Buxton, The Last Chancers follows the fate of a group of Brighton twenty-somethings and their 'underground' rock band.

Lead singer Johnny is an uptight office worker who pours all his energy into the band in an attempt to escape his miserable 9 to 5 existence. Unfortunately, band members Dan and Paul don't share his enthusiasm, while Johnny thinks that ageing drummer Brian projects a totally unsuitable image.

But the arrival of the sultry and infinitely more talented songstress Liv and a Battle of the Bands contest could just give the group the opportunity they've been waiting for - if only people would get their name right...

2002 4 x 30 click to donate


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