On The Buses

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Stan Butler works as a bus driver for the Luxton & District Traction Company.

He lives with his smothering, fatuously sentimental widowed mother, his frumpy and whiny sister, Olive, and his lazy, hypocritical brother-in-law, Arthur.

The bane of Stan's life is Inspector Cyril "Blakey" Blake, who is often checking up on him and his conductor and friend, the cheerful, bucktoothed Jack Harper (Bob Grant).

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On The Buses

Reg Varney
Bob Grant
Doris Hare
Micheal Robbins
Stepehen Lewis
Anna Karen

  The Films...
   On the Buses [1971]
   Mutiny On The Buses [1972]
   Holiday On The Buses [1974]

    Classic Comedy - On The Buses [2008]  271108

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