Psychos, a drama set in the psychiatric unit of a Scottish Hospital. The title referred to the doctors, not the patients.

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Nicholas Clay
Neve McIntosh Alistair MacKenzie
Steven Brand

  Psychos : 6 episodes - 60 minutes each.

  Review by L5 from Toronto eFreak (

I am a recently qualified hospital-based psychiatrist. I stumbled across this show late one night on a public television network.

It is brilliant. I am eminently aware that it offended many, and that the very conservative Royal College of Psychiatrists condemned it. But I suppose this has to do with its gritty truthfulness. I can relate extremely well to my dedicated, overworked, fragile, and always human colleagues in the show.

Real, disturbing, and extremely enjoyable. Doesn't pretend to whitewash the mentally ill and those who treat them with some politically correct brush intended to placate the easily-offended and all-too-influential consumer-survivor lobby.

If it were available on video or DVD I would by it. Can't say that for too many films or television shows.

1999 6 x 60 click to donate

 2 disks


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