Sea Of Souls

Sea Of Souls

Dr. Douglas Monaghan heads a small staff at a Glasgow, Scotland university that studies and performs experiments concerning paranormal activities and abilities. His staff includes a woman who has some psychic gifts herself, as well as a skeptic who always looks askance at what happens during their investigations.

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Sea Of Souls

Bill Patterson
Dawn Steel
Ian Robertson

  Series 4 : 2 episodes - 60 minutes each.

 The Prayer Tree

When a young couple, Karen and Ian O'Rourke, move into an old home they discover unique symbols painted on the walls. When they post the image on the Internet, Dr. Douglas Monaghan believes they have found the Tree of Life, a symbol of the Order of the Golden Dawn, a 19th century spiritualist group.

2007 2x60 click to donate




Sea Of Souls

Bill Patterson
Archie Panjabi
Peter McDonald
Michelle Collins
Sam MacLintock
Peter Capaldi
Siobhan Redmond

  Series 1 : 2 episodes - 120 minutes each.

Shades Of Evil [also known as Seeing Double]
A woman discovers to her shock she has an identical twin from whom she was separated at birth. Upon meeting, the sisters discover they share more than just looks. Is one of the sisters all she seems?

Dr Douglas Monaghan and his team have taken Katie Quinn and her young son Joe to a remote island to try and discover whether his memories of 'George' have any basis in fact.

2004 2 x 120 click to donate


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