Coronation Street

Over the years there have been Coronation St specials and also an early spin-off series (called Pardon the Expression), and that's the type of thing I will be listing here - not the regular weekly programmes. Special occassions may be added (weddings, the family tree series from 2006), notable appearances by stars - Peter Kay, Ian McKellern etc.)

I have a copy of the first ever episode (it was re-broadcast about 1990 I think around the time of the 30th anniversary) I need to locate it in my collection and add details for that below, but I have it if you want it.

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Coronation St
The Betty Driver Story

Betty Driver

Coronation St: The Betty Driver Story


Charting the long career of Betty well before her hotpot made her fmous to the current generation, when she was in on the stage, in films and making records from the age of 8 years old [1928]. A fascinating documentary.

2011 60 click to donate





Coronation St
: Gary's War Diaries


Coronation St: Gary's War Diaries


Video diaries that Gary and his dead mate took on their first tor of Afganistan.

2011 25 click to donate





Coronation St
Stars On The Street

Patrick Stewart
Ben Kingsley
Pete Posttlesthwaite
Prunella Scales
Joanna Lumley
Nigel Havers
Honor Blackman
Sean Hughes
Many many more

Coronation St: Stars On The Street


A documentary about all the famous people who hve made guest appearances on the show - well over 150. Some were famous at the time and some went on to become famous.

2011 60 click to donate





Knight's Tale

Curly Watts
Reg Holdsworth
Norris Cole
Mary Taylor
Rosie Webster
Jason Grimshaw

Coronation Street - Knight's Tale

An hilarious new feature length film from the Nation’s favourite soap Coronation Street. Curly Watts and Reg Holdsworth, two of Britain’s most enduring comedy soap characters, are being reunited in a special, A Knight’s Tale.

They are joined by Norris Cole, Mary Taylor, Rosie Webster and Jason Grimshaw in a comedy of errors set at a medieval weekend. Curly, now a high flying businessman with a chain of hotels under his Armani belt, is giving Reg a chance to prove himself by hosting a medieval banquet weekend at Tatlock Towers.

Things get off to a rocky start when Reg hires Rosie Webster as a serving wench under false pretences and sets his sights on Mary Taylor, despite her attachment to poor Norris. A Knights Tale also stars Brian Capron in a cameo as a ‘Dickie the boatman’ and Jeremy Edwards (Holby City, Dancing on Ice) as plastic surgeon Uri.

2010 80 click to donate



The Road To
Coronation Street

Celi Imre
Lynda Baron
Steven Berkoff
John Thompson
Jane Horrocks
Michelle Holmes
John Thomson
Jessie Wallace
and many more...

The Road To Coronation Street

This film charts the story of how 22 year old writer Tony Warren conceived, wrote and fought for the record breaking UK TV series Coronation Street.

2010 90 click to donate



Famous Rich & Homeless

Bruce Jones / Les Battersby
Hardeep Kohli
Annabel Croft
Rosie Boycott
Marquis of Blandford

Famous Rich & Homeless

In 2009 recession and repossession mean homelessness is a frightening possibility for almost everyone. But for five famous volunteers, it's about to become a terrifying reality.

Former tennis star Annabel Croft, The One Show's Hardeep Singh Kohli, journalist and writer Rosie Boycott, former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones and the Marquis of Blandford put homelessness in the spotlight by agreeing to swap their lavish lifestyles, fame and fortune for a world of sleeping rough, soup runs and hostels.

All five have earned success, recognition and, in some cases, notoriety in their chosen fields but, with everything they value stripped away and just a sleeping bag as a symbol of their new life, how will they adjust to being invisible, vulnerable and desperate as a homeless person in London today? Hankies at the ready as this is a real heart tugger and will make you want to give give give to the street people you ignore daily. Well it did me.

2009 120 click to donate




Romanian Holiday

David Neilson / Roy
Julie Hesmondhalgh / Hayley
Katherine Kelly / Becky
John Henshaw
Siobhan Finneran

  Romanian Holiday

What could be better? A footballer’s wedding, a week in the sun, a luxury villa in historic Transylvania. It’s the trip of a lifetime for Coronation Street’s favourite café owners Roy and Hayley Cropper, until the brash Glen and Verity appear... Opposites don’t attract in this chaotic comic caper as the unlikely foursome embark on an adventure neither couple will ever forget. And when Weatherfield hell-raiser Becky McDonald jets in from her honeymoon, the stage is set for mountain mayhem deep in the heart of Dracula Country.

2009 125 click to donate




Out Of Africa

Wendy Peters / Cilla
Jennie McAlpine / Fizz
Sam Aston / Chesney
Andrew Whyment / Kirk
Plus non-corrie characters.

  Out Of Africa

Scheming Cilla Battersby is back and on the verge of pulling her most audacious scam to date. But there's one small problem, the selfish mum needs to convince her family to help South Africa.

She's going to have to go to extraordinary lengths to persuade Ches, Fiz and Kirk to put aside their differences so she can hit the jackpot.

Includes a 15 minute Behind The Scenes section with interviews with the cast on location in Africa.

2007 125 click to donate




Steve McDonald
Vicky McDonald
Vikram Desai
Bet Gilroy
Reg Holdsworth Plus non-corrie characters.

  The Rover Returns

This special heralds the return of Bet Gilroy, Reg Holdsworth and Vicky McDonald and sees Steve and Vikram leave for an illegal tobacco run to Calais. Includes interviews with key characters and 'The Making Of...'.

In 1999, six special episodes of Coronation Street were produced, following the story of Steve McDonald, Vicky McDonald, Vikram Desai, Bet Gilroy and Reg Holdsworth in Brighton. This spin-off was subtitled The Rover Returns and released on VHS tape.

1999 6 x 30



Open All Hours

 Open All Hours

In 1999, six special episodes of Coronation Street were produced, following the story of Steve McDonald, Vicky McDonald, Vikram Desai, Bet Gilroy and Reg Holdsworth in Brighton. This video was titled Coronation Street: Open All Hours and released on VHS tape.

1996 6 x 30



Viva Las Vegas !

Eliabeth Dawn / Vera
Bill Tarmey / Jack
Tracy Shaw / Maxine
Angela Griffen / Fiona
Joan Collins

  Viva Las Vegas !

Viva Las Vegas! was a direct-to-video spin off from Coronation St. It followed Jack, Vera, Fiona and Maxine on their trip to Las Vegas. It was released on VHS in 1999.

1997 110 click to donate



The Cruise


 The Cruise :
  Also advertised as - "The Feature Length Special" [vhs]

Rita & Mavis go a cruise (QE2) only to discover that Alec is the boss and Curly and Rachel are having a honey moon but end up being staff.

The Cruise was released on VHS to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the show.

1995 90 click to donate



Coronation St
30th Birthday Lecture

Roy Hattersley
Coros Cast

Coronation St 30th Birthday Lecture

1960 - 1990

A studio set up where the show is celebrated with the cast and other celebrities in the audience etc.

1990 35 click to donate


vhs F21



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