Below are films, documentaries and even the odd series set in Oz. If you're looking for Home & Away or Neighbors they aren't here.
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Ray Mears


Walkabout [Australia]

Episodes :
   The Bush Tucker Man
   Torres Straits
   Rock Art

Ray Mears is in desert survival mode as he follows in the footsteps of an unsung hero of Australian exploration to find out how John McDouall Stuart became the first European to succeed in crossing this continent from South to North and back again. Ray shows how to wring water from these barren lands and how travelling light is the key to success on such an epic journey.

2008 4 x 55 click to donate




Culture Show Special

Baz in Australia

A Culture Show special (UK TV show). Mark Kermode visits Baz Lurrhmann to talk to him about his third major film - Australia.

2008 40 click to donate





The £10 Poms

After World War II many Britons were sold the dream of a new life in Australia, seduced by a fare of just £10. Over one-and-half million went, but what became of the Ten Pound Poms?

This documenatary follows 9 families to discover how their life turned out.

2008 55 click to donate




Prestented By
Ekow Eshun

Outback Art

This is the third and final documentary in Channel 4's (UK TV) Art and Money season [the other 2 are The Mona Lisa Curse & The Russians Are Coming], here Ekow Eshun [Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts], explores issues surrounding the global rise in interest in Aboriginal art.

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2008 3 x 50 click to donate




The Wildeness Explored
Australia's Red Heat

Part of the documentary series (this is 1 episode) telling the stories of early European explorers who reached the wildernesses of Canada, Australia and the Congo. This is only the Oz programme.

Australia's stark and beautiful red centre is now seen as part of the country's national identity, with Uluru, or Ayres Rock, a national symbol.

But this vast desert centre was originally seen as a place of death and silence by the first white explorers.

It has taken 200 years for a new perception to emerge, one that recognises it as a place of life and creation - the way it has always been seen by the continent's original inhabitants, the Aborigines.

2008 60 click to donate





Peter Cook
Dudley Moore

The Lost Tapes

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are commonly regarded as the greatest comic double act that Britain has ever produced.

However, it is less commonly known that in 1971, at the height of their careers, they spent eleven months in Australia touring their latest stage show, Behind the Fridge and writing and starring in two TV specials (of the same name) never seen in Britain at the time. Pete and Dud: The Lost Tapes is a one-hour compilation of best from these two Behind the Fridge specials.

Both shows were recorded in Melbourne, in early November 1971 and broadcast later that month on Australia’s number one network, Channel Nine.

But the shows were never broadcast in the UK and spent the next 34 years in Channel Nine’s Melbourne archive.

Pete and Dud: The Lost Tapes captures Cook and Moore at their very best, providing us with another opportunity to witness their unique and dynamic chemistry at time when their partnership was at its strongest.

2005 60 click to donate




Wild Down Under

  Series 1 : 6 episodes - 45 minutes each.


Natural History.

The most comprehensive series ever made on the natural history of Australia and its surrounding islands, Wild Down Under took three years to film. The six-part series was first shown in Autumn 2003 and featured rare and surprising wildlife spectacles and beautiful, aerial scenics in a stunning celebration of this unique region.

Ancient, dramatic and full of bizarre animals, Australia is like no other place on earth. Wild Down Under explores the extraordinary landscapes and breathtaking array of strange and often dangerous wildlife that lives around this beautiful continent.

2003 6 x 45 click to donate




Martin Clunes
Neil Morrisey
Kevin 'bloody Wilson'

Men Down Under


The Men Behaving Badly boys travel across Australia experiencing the culture, landscape and the Aussie male - usually ending up drunk.

I only have episodes 1 & 2.
Episode 3 WANTED.

2000 3 x 50 click to donate




Billy Connolly

World Tour of Australia

The things we love about comedians are their astute observations and mastery of the language. The distractive thing about them is their whiny voices and manic mannerisms.

Billy Connolly is possibly the only stand up who does not behave like a big nerd. He delivers his routine like one of the boys and gets away with the taboo.

Connolly’s stand up is brilliant here, and he visits various places in each location where he does his evening gig. Australia is a great place and Connolly the tour guide is likeable – but Connolly the stand up is genius.

1996 6 x 45 click to donate




Jenny Agutter
Luc Roeg
David Gulpil


Superb cinematography, the Australian outback comes alive in this film of self discovery and regret. Agutter plays the English girl brilliantly, incapable of comprehending anybody or anything that doesn't conform to her middle-class values and upbringing.

Roeg is also excellent as her brother, adapting to each and every change in circumstance as only children can. I have watched this movie many times, and always get something new from it.

Highly recommended to anyone, although parents might want to watch it before allowing minors see it - contains nudity.

1971 100 click to donate


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