A surreal comedy drama with the cream of British comedy actors playing roles of various Surrealist artist.

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Noel Feilding
Julian Barrett
Stepehen Fry
Matt Lucas
Johnathon Meades
Ewen Bremner
Mark Gatiss
Vic Reeves

  Surrealisimo : The Trial Of Salvador Dali

Surrealissimo, a comedy drama for BBC Four draws on one of the world's most significant art movements, Surrealism. The film centres on the trial of Salvador Dalí by Andre Breton, the founder of Surrealism, and other key members of the movement.

After which, Dalí left for America to become arguably the world's first celebrity artist. It was not until later, that he was expelled from the movement.

This was the first programme on BBC Four when it first began broadcasting in March 2002.

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