Travel Shows

Travel Shows

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Cooking In The
Danger Zone

  Stefan Gates Cooking in the Danger Zone : Wanted

Cooking in the Danger Zone is a documentary television series produced by the BBC and presented by Stefan Gates.

In each film food writer Gates explores unusual food stories in some of the world’s more dangerous places. He uses food to explore and understand people’s culture and the challenges they face.

He has eaten such obscure foods as rat in India, baby seal in the Arctic and radioactive soup in Chernobyl.

Series One
    South Korea
    Fiji and Tonga

Series Two

Series Three
    Cameroon and Ethiopia
    Haiti and Mexico
    Israel and the West Bank



  Micheal Palin   See the Micheal Palin Page  for all his trave shows /, films
  and documentaries etc.
  2002   300   click to donate
  2 disks

Trips Money Can't Buy

  Ewan McGregor
  Ray Mears
Trips Money Can't Buy

TV documentary in which film star Ewan McGregor spends 10 days trekking through virgin jungle in the Honduras, Central America, with survival expert Ray Mears and Dr Chris Begley.

  2001  60   click to donate


Long Way Round

  Ewan McGregor
  Charlie Boorman
Long Way Round

This documentary series follows actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a motorcycle trip around the world. The two friends will travel through such places as Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Alaska, before finally ending the journey in New York. The filming will be done by on board cameras and one ride along cameraman.

  2004   6 x 60   click to donate
  2 disks

Going To Extremes

  Nick Middleton   The Silk Route

Geographer Nick Middleton explores the ancient trading routes through Europe to Asia. In this series he travels to: Nepal, Tibet, Gobi and Kazhakstan.

  2005   4 x 60   click to donate

Happy Hour

Dom Joly
Pete 'Tiger' Wikins
  Happy Hour

Dom and his mate Pete travel the world analysing the social attitude to alcohol and sampling a drink or ten. What a "job".

Each episode sees them in a different part of the world meeting the locals and drinking both the local commercial brews and the no-so-legal moonshines.


  2006   6 x 45   click to donate

Long Way Down

  Ewan McGregor
  Charlie Boorman
Long Way Down

In a follow-up to the documentary series "Long Way Round", actors and best friends Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman travel from John O'Groats, Scotland down to Cape Town, South Africa on motorcycles. They travel down through Europe and Africa, getting an up-close view of the local cultures. They also stop at various UNICEF projects to offer support and assistance to the children there.

  2007   6 x 60   click to donate
  2 disks

By Any Means : Ireland To Sydney

  Charlie Boorman By Any Means : Ireland To Sydney

Continuing his recent travels , but this time without Ewan McGregor (who at first is missed), Charlie sets of to travel on as many forms of transport as possible in his journey south to Sydney.

  2008   6 x 60 click to donate
2 disks

By Any Means : Sydney To Tokyo

  Charlie Boorman   By Any Means : Sydney To Tokyo

Charlie continues his travelBy Any Means (of transport) around the Pacific rim visiting Indonesia, The Phillipines, Korea and finally to Japan.

  2009   6 x 60 click to donate
2 disks


The Man Who Cycled The World

  Mark Beaumont   The Man Who Cycled The World

On 15 February 2008, Mark Beaumont pedalled through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. 194 days and 17 hours previously, he had set off from Paris in an attempt to circumnavigate the world in record time.

Mark smashed the Guinness World Record by an astonishing 81 days. He had travelled more than 18,000 miles on his own through some of the harshest conditions one man and his bicycle can endure, camping wild at night and suffering from constant ailments.

  2008   4 x 30   click to donate


The Man Who Cycled The Americas

  Mark Beaumont   The Man Who Cycled The Americas

World record breaker Mark Beaumont cycled from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. Following the line of the mountain ranges which form the American Cordillera, he also climbed the two highest peaks Mount McKinley and Aconcagua, on foot.

  2010   3 x 55   click to donate


The Frankincense Trail

  Kate Humble
 [aka. Lauren Heston]
  The Frankincense Trail

Kate travels The Frankincense Trail From Oman, through The Yemen, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and finally to Israel.

  2009   4 x 60   click to donate


Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour

  Kevin McCloud   Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour

Kevin travels across Europe following in the footsteps of the rich and famous, and not so famous mainly Italy, Tuirkey & Greece looking at the culture.

  2009   4 x 60   click to donate


Monte Carlo Or Bust

 Jack Dee
 Ade Edmonson
 Julian Clary
 Jodie Kidd
 Penny Snith
 Rory mcGrath
  Monte Carlo Or Bust

Three couples hit the road from London to Monte Carlo to discover the genius, glory and food of France.

Paired up are Jack Dee and Ade Edmondson, in a VW camper van, Jodie Kidd and Julian Clary, in a Bentley convertible and Penny Smith and Rory McGrath, in a Mini Cooper.

This is no simple holiday; the couples are in competition to discover what makes our closest neighbour tick. Their journeys unfolds and the couples are tasked with collecting a total of 3 items that represent the Head, Heart and Somach of each regions they pass through.

  2010   3 x 45   click to donate


Around The World
In 80 Days :
Children In Need

The Teams

  Frank Skinner
  Lee Mack

  Nick Hewer
  Saira Khan

  Julia Bradbury
  Matt Baker

  Bill Turnbull
  Louise Minchin

  Myleene Klass
  John Barrymore

  Josie Lawrence
  Shane Richie

          Around The World In 80 Days : 2009

As part of Children in Need, 12 celebrities form a global relay in 6 pairs to circumnavigate the world in 80 days without flying (well that's the plan).

The first leg sees comedians Frank Skinner and Lee Mack kick the whole Around the world in 80 days challenge off. They have just eight days to make it from the Reform Club in London to the Turkey / Iraq border where they hand over to team two, Apprentice stars Nick Hewer and Saira Kahn.

Frank Skinner nararrates brilliantly throughout all episodes.

Michael Palin pops up in small clips to provide advice in the diary the travelers carry around and in small clips.

  2009   6 x 60   click to donate
2 disks