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Rutland Weekend TV

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Rutland Weekend TV

Eric Idle [Monty Python]
Neil Innes
David Battlet
Timothy Carlton
Perter Glidewell
Henry Woolf
Gwen Taylor

Rutland Weekend TV
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Series 1 : 7 episodes - 30 minutes each.

After Monty Python split, John Cleese created the legendary Fawlty Towers, Micheal Palin produced Ripping Yarns and Eric Idle made this relatively unknown series.

Rutland TV is closer to Monty Python than anything the other member made afterwards.

Never released on VHS or DVD. These recordings are directly from BBC archives and include clapperboad intro / timer. Quality is excellent / tv broadcast.

  Episodes :
    1 - Gibberish
    2 - Kung-Fu
    3 - Warning System
    4 - Whistle Test
    5 - Rain in Hendon
    6 - Budget Cuts
    7 - Christmas Special
1975 7 x 30 click to donate




Eric Idle [Monty Python]
Neil Innes

Rutland Weekend TV

Series 2 : 7 episodes - 30 minutes each.

A bit more history...

Rutland TV station would be pretty small (Rutland was at the time the smallest county in England), so a Rutland Weekend Television station would have to be ridiculously tiny. The joke was doubly meaningful, as instead of a light entertainment budget, Idle had accidentally been granted a presentation budget instead of a sketch comedy budget; so the weekly patter about their inability to buy props and sets was quite real.

Indeed the last show of the first series featured Idle and Innes, stripped and shivering in blankets under a bare bulb, singing about how the power's about to be shut off. Idle speaks bitterly about these conditions now, but his attempts to overcome them formed the basis of a lot of the show's jokes.

  Episodes :
    1 - Rutles
    2 - Cop Show
    3 - Sequel
    4 - Sprimpo
    5 - Insurance
    6 - Is Innocent
    7 - Showtime!

1976 6 x 30 click to donate




Rutles - All You Need Is Cash Starring...
Eric Idle [Monty Python]
Neil Innes
John Belushi
Dan Ackroyd
Bill Murray
Ron Wood
Mick Jagger

Rutles - All You Need Is Cash

Rutland Weekend Television takes a look at the Pre-fab Four: Dirk, Barry, Stig and Nasty; better known as the Rutles.

This documentary follows their career from their early days in Liverpool and Hamburg's infamous Rat-Keller, to their amazing worldwide success.

A parody of Beatlemania and the many serious documentaries made about the Beatles.

The Rutles = The Beatles from Rutland ?. Rutland was the smallest county in the UK until 1974.

1976 76 click to donate




Rutles 2 - Can't Buy Me Lunch Starring...
Eric Idle [Monty Python]
Neil Innes
Ricky Fataar
David Bowie
Billy Connolly
Steve Martin
Robin Williams

Rutles - Can't Buy Me Lunch

After sitting on a shelf at Warner Brothers for over a year, Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch, the much anticipated sequel to Eric Idle and Gerard Corvin's 1978 mockumentary, is finally on release, revealing the final exploits of The Rutles as they do a reunion tour of America. Documentor, Dirk McQuickly, interviews many artists and personalities who were inspired by the legendary band, from David Bowie to Tom Hanks.

2002 84 click to donate




Rutles - All You Need Is Cash Starring...
Eric Idle [Monty Python]
Neil Innes

  Rutles - All You Need Is Cash [43.17]
  CD - Tracklisting

    1. Goose-Step Mama.
    2. Number One.
    3. Baby Let Me Be.
    4. Hold My Hand.
    5. Blue Suede Schubert.
    6. I Must Be in Love.
    7. With a Girl Like You.
    8. Between Us.
    9. Living in Hope.
    10. Ouch!
    11. It's Looking Good.
    12. Doubleback Alley.
    13. Good Times Roll.
    14. Nevertheless.
    15. Love Life.
    16. Piggy in the Middle.
    17. Another Day.
    18. Cheese and Onions.
    19. Get Up and Go.
    20. Let's Be Natural.

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Rutles - Archeology Starring...
Eric Idle [Monty Python]
Neil Innes

  Rutles - Archeology [47.52]
  CD - Tracklisting

   1. Major Happy's Up and Coming Once...
            ...Upon a Good Time Band.
   2. Rendezvous.
   3. Questionnaire.
   4. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here).
   5. Lonely-Phobia.
   6. Unfinished Words.
   7. Hey Mister!
   8. Easying.
   9. Now She's Left You.
   10. Knicker Elastic King.
   11. I Love You.
   12. Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik.
   13. Joe Public.
   14. Shangri-La.
   15. Don't Know Why.
   16. Back in '64 .

1996   click to donate

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